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4 Week Beginner Workout Plan for Women (+ Easy Free Printable)

You need a  beginner workout plan for women but everything you’ve found isn’t quite right for you.

Try this one. 

It’s free. 

What do you have to lose?

Tap each day to reveal your workout for the day!

Beginner Workout Plan for Women: Week 1

Disclaimer: Of course - please consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program. You are responsible for all risks, or injuries incurred due to following this - or any other - workout plan.

Beginner Workout Plan for Women: Week 2

Beginner Workout Plan for Women: Week 3

Beginner Workout Plan for Women: Week 4

Benefits of this Beginner Workout Plan for Women

Maybe a lot of the workout plans you’ve found are just…confusing.

You’ve clicked through so many websites and pages. But somehow, it’s still impossible to get a simple workout plan that you can do.

Anyway, today is your lucky day because this is the very best 4-week beginner workout plan by a woman – for women.

Also, it was created by a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).

And this workout plan contains 100% full-length workout videos.

Best part? Every video gives you real time step-by-step guidance.

It is impossible to mess this up and you’re going to love it. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Or better yet.

Try the first workout and thank me later by sharing this workout plan with your friends. 😃

So are you ready? Let’s workout!

Who is this 4-week women’s workout plan for?

Yes, it’s for women.

But that’s not all I had in mind when making this beginner workout plan!

If you’re someone who wants to get in shape fast but doesn’t enjoy planning, this beginner workout plan is perfect for you.

In addition, it’s not just for people who are trying to lose weight. 

It is also for anyone who wants a quick, easy and effective workout.

Additionally, if you’re someone who has no idea where to start, or the basics of how to get started this 4-week workout plan for beginners is for you.

Or if you’ve been sedentary for a long time or were previously on a solid routine but fell off, this workout plan is for you.

All you have to do is show up every day and press play on the workout video for the day. 

That’s it. ✅

As a bonus, I would also recommend that you print the free printable tracker provided. 

You can use this tracker to build your own workout plan after you master this one – if you’d like.

Or you can take this quiz to see what may be holding you back.

Doing this be so motivating especially if you live with other people – like a partner or your kids.

They will be able to see that you are serious about your health and you’re putting in the work. 

In addition, you might even inspire them to join you and you get to bond while cursing out the trainer for making you do a plank. 👀

In summary, this 4-week beginner workout plan for women is everything you need to get started with weight loss or to improve your health.

The Top 3 Benefits of this female workout plan for beginners

Efficient –

Generally speaking, you don’t want to waste time on your workouts.

While, there are a lot of online workout programs available, but most of them are not efficient. 

Specifically, this is because they were not made for beginners.

For instance, if you are a female beginner looking to lose a little weight or improve your health, there is no reason to go to the gym to do a tricep extension or a bench press.

Unless of course you really want to 🙂

There is nothing wrong with those exercises; however, do you want to be doing exercises that waste your time?

Wouldn’t you rather be napping, snacking, or catching up on Netflix? 

I know I would. I’m eating snacks right now as I’m typing this.

Do you know why? 

Because I did my quick and super-efficient workout at home. 

And now have plenty of time left over to work, relax, and make a sword out of cardboard boxes with my kid.

…why do we waste money buying them toys? I digress…

Basically, if you want to see results, you need to put in the work. But that doesn’t mean working harder. 

On the contrary, it means working smarter.

Thanks to this 4-week workout plan for beginners, you will be working quickly, steadily, and efficiently so you can reach your goal with more ease.

Easy to Follow –

Due to the focus on beginners, you don’t need any special equipment to do this workout plan.

In fact, you can do the workouts in this plan anywhere because there are no workouts that require any type of equipment.

All you need is your fine self and a few minutes a day to get moving.
If you want to be fancy, have an exercise mat available. And a water bottle so you can stay hydrated.

It Works! –

I’ve helped almost 2 million followers get closer to their weight loss and health goals with my workouts.

You can see some of their results right here actually.

I love sharing these workouts and stand solidly behind them simply because they work.

My point is, I didn’t choose fitness. Fitness chose me 🙃

I do this because so many people have told me that my workouts are the only ones they can stick with.

Who knows – you might be one of those people that need these workouts. 

And it is my joy and greatest honor to be here to help!

What you’ll learn from this 4-Week Workout Plan for Beginners (Women)

How to workout consistently –

You’ll need to be consistent to get results from this workout plan.

Chiefly – 90% of the work is to show up and put in the work.

With the help of this perfectly organized, easy-to-follow plan, you will find it easy to be consistent.

How to do each exercise correctly –

If you’re trying to get in shape, you need to work on your core muscles.

While doing each exercise, you will get verbal cues – just at the right time that will help you do every exercise correctly.

Why a beginner workout plan is so important for women starting out

If you’re a beginner, you don’t want to jump straight into extreme programs. 

Or challenging programs that require you to perform miracles at the gym.

Many beginners make this mistake.

They see that they’ve gained some weight and then they freak out and jump to the hardest program out there.

It doesn’t work like that.

There is a progression that must be followed. 

When we get impatient and go from couch potato to gym 7 days a week, there is a high risk of injury and failure 🙁

It is much better to start as a beginner, stay consistent and then ramp up to those harder workouts.

By starting with a workout plan for beginners, you will

Build Confidence –

Building confidence is important for anyone who wants to lose weight or get in shape.

Starting with a beginner workout plan is the perfect way to have a solid foundation and therefore build
your confidence.

Increase Your Motivation –

This workout plan is easy to follow and you’ll see results. This will help you to be motivated.

Unlike if you go straight to a 90-day heavy weight lifting program and become discouraged from day 1.

Practice Goal Setting –

When you have a goal, it keeps you motivated and on track.

Because this workout plan comes with a printable, there is goal setting built in by default.

You have a goal to cross off each day on your free printable workout tracker.

This is an extremely valuable practice that will serve you for life.

Build Your Consistency Muscle –

What’s that? You’ve never heard of this muscle in the human anatomy.

Well, let me put you on game.

Consistency is a muscle – just like your thigh meat.

It is there but if you don’t work it, well, it’s going to look less than picture-perfect.

However, when you start doing those squats, your thigh muscles respond.

Same with consistency.

When you start working on being consistent with your workout routine, your consistency muscle will

It will become bigger, stronger, and more bodacious.

Okay, I think I’ve taken this thigh meat analogy as far as it can go.

Let’s move on.

Just know that when it comes to working out, you can improve your consistency.

It’s not a situation where you just go “oop I’m bad at consistency and give up”

Noooo, you work that muscle by starting with this 4-week workout plan for beginners.

Making Your Own 4-Week Beginner Workout Plan as a Woman

If you’re just starting out in the fitness world, it’s important to find a beginner workout plan that’s perfect for you. 

The workout plan provided above is designed for people who are just starting out, people who are not yet familiar with the different exercises, and people that want to get fit but don’t have time for the gym.

It’s also easy to follow, so you can get started right away! 

The plan includes a variety of exercises that you can do at home, so you can start working out and losing weight quickly.

Plus, the exercises are designed to also improve your strength and endurance, so you can continue working out even after you’ve completed the plan.

However, If for some reason you don’t want to do the video workouts above, you can also make your own 4-week workout plan! 🥁

This information is also useful if you finish the workout plan I’ve provided here and you want to make your own.

Here’s a rough outline you can follow to build your very own 4-week workout plan. Ready? Let’s do it!

Week 1 –

Focus on cardio and conditioning by doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises. These
exercises will also help you burn calories and build endurance.

Some examples of high-intensity exercises are jump squats and plyometric lunges.

Week 2 –

Switch it up with some strength training. You will want to include exercises such as pushups, squats, jumping jacks, and lunges. 

You will also want to focus on compound movements.
Compound movements are better for beginners because they work more muscles in the body. This
means you burn more calories, and strengthen many more muscle groups. 

These are also the types of exercises that mimic movements we do daily. 

We want to do exercises that mimic movements we do on a daily basis because it helps the body to preserve functionality through midlife and beyond.

I know you’re not interested in thinking about old age. 

But trust me, you will be grateful you did compound movements when you have gray hairs and can still drop it like it’s hot 💃🕺

Week 3 –

This will be a week where you switch things up again. You will want to do both strength training and
cardio here.

Week 4 –

This is the final week of your 4-week beginner workout plan.

This week, try doing a combination of HIIT and steady-state cardio. This will help you burn calories and build strength.

More Workout Plans for Women

Loved this beginner workout plan? I have great news! Here are even more workout plans for women!

In summary

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

If you’re just beginning an exercise routine, a beginner workout plan is a great way to get moving!

Also, it is great for those that want to get in shape fast but don’t love planning.

Undoubtedly, this plan is perfect for you.

If you want to build your own 4-week workout plan, the guidelines provided above will also help you.

This 4-week workout plan saves you from thinking, planning, and all sorts of confusion.

With the right strategy and knowledge, you can quickly start seeing progress in your fitness journey.

In this post, I’ve covered so many tips that can help you make the most out of your beginner workout plan.

Understandably, it might be alot to take in all at once.

My advice is to keep it simple and just start.

Go to day 1 of the workout plan above.

Press play on the video. And let’s get moving!

I was going to crack a joke about thigh meat but I’ll just see myself out now.

Happy working out!

Free Printable

Use this as a reference guide / tracker when making your own workout plans.
This is a great guide for beginners that want to make their own workout plans!

4 week workout plan for beginners
4 week workout plan for beginners - workout videos
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