The Power of a Decision

One day, Grace made the decision that changed the game for her. 👉 It was this: to feel GOOD in her body. She took matters into her own hands and started working out. She started feeling stronger, more confident, and her hard work paid off in SPADES. Grace feels good in her own skin now. … Read more

This is Wisdom

Sedia is fully determined to make her health a priority. She is not waiting for any health scares. And that is wisdom if you ask me! At first, it was hard for her to stick to her workouts. But she came up with a game plan to stay consistent. And the results speak for themselves. … Read more

I be crying when I watch this lol

Missy could have made all the excuses in the world. But she blew my mind when she didn’t. She set a goal to complete a Koboko Fitness challenge. And she did it. Not only that, she involved her whole family! Missy’s video literally brings tears to my eyes. It really is that inspiring. Check her … Read more

Family Family Family

Things that happen in our families can be quite impactful. This was certainly the case for Georgiana. She saw the challenges her dad experienced. And so she decided to take charge of her health. This was a huge turning point for her. She started to see herself in a new light. And discovered a whole … Read more

Gain Body Confidence

Have you ever compared your body with someone else’s? Kind of hard not to with social media… That’s why someone like Jacqui is so wonderful to know. Jacqui has learned to love her body and everything she can do. She wears her tank tops proudly now – and feels good doing so! Jacqui reminds us … Read more

Make Time for Exercise

The path to Dr. Osayi’s success was regular exercise. As a student, she had a packed schedule. With classes, family and social obligations, her calendar was FULL. Yet, she prioritized both exercise and rest. Sometimes it feels impossible to balance it all. Dr. Osayi found that exercise and rest lowered her stress, improved her focus, … Read more

Love Yourself Enough To Exercise

Too often, we forget to prioritise ourselves and make time for our health. That’s why I want to introduce how amazing Blair is! Blair encourages everyone to love themselves. Her priority was to exercise to improve her health. Yes, sometimes, she felt not–so-motivated and a bit tired. But she overcame these obstacles and encouraged other … Read more