3 Ways to Avoid Back Pain During Abs Exercises

Back pain, in most cases, can be a nuisance. A great percentage of people suffer from back pain

For some, it has become the norm, a normal part of daily life.

What most people do not realize is that it does not have to be this way - especially during abs exercises.

It's possible that a doctor may have even prescribed a couple of exerci...

7 Serious Oil Pulling Benefits You Need to Know

Oil pulling is an ancient health secret with so many amazing benefits!

If you've never heard of it, you may be wondering:

What is oil pulling?
Why would I put oil in my mouth?
Will it make me fat?
What are the benefits of oil pulling?

Have no fear. I'm here to share :)

As a person who has oil pulled religiously for almost 10 ...

10 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Abs (Full Workout)

This home ab workout is perfect for anyone that wants a little more definition in their abs!

And everyone wants more definition in their abs, right?

What the help of this workout, you can

Get those lines on the sides of your abs
Tone your ab muscles so that they "pop" more
Burn off stubborn fat that is covering your abs

To clari...