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"I'm a single mother. To a wonderful daughter. I want to show her that it all comes down to our choices." - DeOndria
"I lost a big chunk of my baby weight! I started off April 1st weighing 164lbs and now, the last day of April, I’m 152. That’s my pre-pregnancy weight! I was so excited!!!" - Storm
"I faced some challenges, but didn't give up. I accomplished my goal." - Missy


A Certified Personal Trainer (BSc.,CPT) & Expert Nutritionist

Hi, I'm Kola (just like Coca-Cola).

The trusted expert for women looking to get toned and healthy.

Almost 2 million people have relied on me to get great results.

The secret is this: my workouts include only science-based, tried and true methods that work. Start your trial.

8-Week Booty Fix
($150 Value)

Best at home workout program to grow your booty. No equipment needed.

21-Day Belly Fat Focus (BFF)
($150 Value)

Awesome workout program for torching fat in an effective, focused way 🔥

2 week challenge koboko fitness -home

2-Week Challenge
($149 Value)

Effective home workout program for weight loss, gaining strength, and toning up quickly.

30 day challenge koboko fitness

30-Day Challenge
($119 Value)

Perfect workout program for getting back in shape before a big event like a birthday!


These workout programs are perfectly designed to help you get toned and healthy without wasting time at the gym.

Science-based and professionally designed by a Certified Personal Trainer, you can be confident that you are doing tried and true exercises that work!

I also guide you with clear instructions through every single exercise. So you never have to worry about doing the exercises wrong.

Lose belly fat,
Sculpt your booty, 
Tone your arms,
Get healthy

Beginner to Intermediate

1-5 days per week


Customer Reviews


125 customer reviews

LinetteVerified User
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I've lost 12lb since starting last month!
Ms. Morayo
Ms. MorayoVerified User
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You work at your own level and still get good results. It fits well into my schedule; not too long and very effective. Kola has helped me to tone my abs, booty and arms; my focus areas. It works!
TiannaVerified User
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I have had so much fun doing these workouts and I have actually stayed consistent for once. Very well pleased and very happy with the motivation I get from these videos and from Koboko Fitness
Emily Verified User
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I like how the workouts are attainable, and if I am just not feeling it that day that there are options (ex: lunges usually have standing marches instead). Variety keeps me coming back so I am still moving each day!
DawnVerified User
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I've lost inches. I've learned how to stay consistent. I've started to believe in myself.
TriciaVerified User
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I've lost 45 pounds within 18 months with Koboko Fitness
AnnaVerified User
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I felt a real change in my body, I saw my lower body get more toned and the shapes more defined and that feels amazing.
DeboraVerified User
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Love the daily exercises and love how strong I am feeling!


I believe that your body is much more than a pretty thing for other people to look at. 

It is more than a glorified clothes hanger. 

I believe that your body is the vehicle that will help you do the thing you were born to do. The thing that only you can do.

Therefore, you must:

Love your body 
Move your body
Respect your body

When i say I am here to help you change your life, it is not just cute, fancy talk. 

It is my mission and my deepest intention.
I believe that when you realize what your body can do, you will also realize who you can be.

And last but not least,

I believe that it is never too late to write a new story.

Wherever you are and whatever you’ve been through – I believe in you.

As with all good things, space is available only to those with serious intention to take action.

200% OFF

Try free for 10 days, then $119.94 billed yearly. 

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Premium 30 Min Workout Videos

You get my help through every single workout from beginning to end. I also show modifications and variations to help you get the best workout in every time! No PDF exercises here!

Private Facebook Support Group

Need a little bit of a boost? Need some advice? Connect with other women all around the world who are changing their lives one Koboko workout at a time.

No Ads!

Workout wherever you want. Whenever you want. With no annoying ads that interrupt your workout.

Lots of Fun

You just have to experience it to believe it! 450,000+ subscribers are loving Koboko workouts. Join us


You instantly get unlimited access to the 8-week Booty Fix workout program, 21-day Belly Fat Focus (BFF) workout program, Premium monthly workout schedules for the whole 12 months in the year, 2-week workout challenge, 30 day workout challenge, premium educational fitness videos, VIP support.

Yes, 1200 calorie and 1500 calorie meal plans are available for purchase separately after signup. 

These meal plans were created by a Registered Dietition and include breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

You can also purchase 3 flexible, fun, and realistic food challenges as an add-on to the 21-day Belly Fat Focus (BFF) program. 

I cant wait to get you started. Start your free trial today. 

Yes, you can do as many programs as you like. There are no limits. 

No equipment is required. 

All major credit and debit cards are accepted. PayPal is also accepted. 

All workouts are FULL HD videos with warm up and cool down included (not PDFs).

Each workout is 10 – 30 minutes. Fast, effective, and efficient. 


You access all of the workouts through the website or through the FREE iPhone, Android, Roku, and FireTV apps. 

This is a subscription for a full year (starting from the date of purchase). You can cancel anytime directly from your profile page. It is totally easy and risk-free.

Even if you cancel, you will still have access to the remainder of the full year you purchased. 

Yes, you can!

Whether you love to run, dance, swim or do any other type of physical activity, your Koboko Fitness workouts are flexible enough to fit into your schedule and get you the results you deserve. 








My name is Kola Olaosebikan, BSc., CPT. Certified Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist with a Food and Health Certification from Stanford University.

And I care… alot

I care about you. Your life. Your family. Your health.

I understand the struggle of looking in the mirror and wondering what happened.

As a wife and mother, I know how difficult it is to take a shower some days – let alone make it to the gym or cook a healthy meal.

As your Personal Trainer, my intention is to help you reach your goals with the least amount of pain possible. 

It’s time to change your life – start now. 

"Koboko’s infectious smile and contagious energy will have you pumped up in no time."

- Health Line