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Why I Stay Active

This post is brought to you in partnership with Secret Active. All opinions are my own.

Like you, I have all sorts of reasons for staying active.

For one, I have an active little boy. 

When we go out to play soccer (or futbol, depending on where you’re from), he requires me to do 3 jumping jacks before he would pass the ball to me.

Laid Out for Workout Time

I wish I were kidding.

And while we’re on the topic, why didn’t anyone warn me that playing “horsie” is part of the mommy job description?

Anyway, I can’t complain. It’s all fun and games (until I have to do jumping jacks AND horsie in the same day).

It’s funny that my son is a big motivator for staying fit now.

Because my fitness journey started after giving birth to him.

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I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy.

Once I got clearance to exercise, I got to the burpees, jumping jacks, long walks, and green smoothies. 

You know the drill.

Choose Active

Soon enough, I started to see results.

My confidence grew.

My abs showed. 

Did you hear that?? ABS SHOWED! *does happy dance*

More importantly though, the more active I became, the more I understood the struggle ALL women go through with fitness.

My discoveries fueled me to find ways to help other women #ChooseActive.

Along the way, I also found products that helped my journey. 

One of them being the Secret Active deodorant spray.

Just watch how it keeps me going during this tough workout in the video below. 


The harder I push during my workout, the better I smell because of this spray.

Needless to say, it has become one of my staples as I continue on my journey to be the fittest, freshest me that I can be. 

Now if you would excuse me, I need to go do my horsie duties.