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Which Exercise Burns Belly Fat?

Today’s question is ✨ which exercise burns belly fat? ✨

The fastest exercises for burning belly fat are jumping jacks, squat jacks, burpees and high knees.

You might be a little bit confused because none of these exercises have anything to actually do with the belly area.

I’m going to explain why and give you some alternatives.

The alternatives will help if you hate all the exercises I just mentioned.

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Which Exercise Burns Belly Fat? – Clarifying

The exercises I talked about have nothing to do with the belly area.

But these are some of the absolute best exercises for getting rid of belly fat.

The reason for that is the way to get rid of belly fat is to really focus our training on some of the biggest muscle groups in the body.

It doesn’t mean that we’re not going to train the belly area.

But it does mean we’re going to train the biggest muscles in the body.

And also incorporate cardio at the same time.

You’ll notice that all the exercises that I’ve shared with you are exercises where your legs are working . They also have your heart rate going up at the same time.

What that does for us is this.

While the leg and butt muscles are working, they are being broken down a bit.

And because we are moving so much, the heart rate is also going up.

These two factors contribute to burning a lot of fat, a lot of belly fat.

And after the workout, the body has to do a lot of work to repair the muscles in the leg.

That repair process of fixing your legs so you can walk normally again after the workout.

That also helps to burn belly fat.

So those are the two ways that these exercises actually help with burning belly fat.

It’s not really by doing sit ups and crunches

…Not saying those exercises are useless or bad.

But if we’re talking about,

“Okay, I need to get rid of this belly fat…”

The exercises mentioned above are the types of exercises we want to be doing now.

Which Exercise Burns Belly Fat? Alternatives.

A lot of you hate jumping jacks.

If you really cannot do jumping jacks.

Maybe your knees are hurting or you’re just not in the mood, great alternative to jumping jacks is step jacks.

For high knees, this can be replaced with modified high knees.

A great alternative for full burpees is to do a half burpee.

And a wonderful alternative for squat Jacks is to just do regular squats.

For anyone asking what’s the best exercise for losing belly fat?

You may also be wondering, well, what’s the best time to do these exercises?

You may also be wondering how often to do these exercises.

See if my workout programs are right for you.

Which Exercise Burns Belly Fat? TLDR (summary 🙂)

  • The fastest exercises for burning belly fat are jumping jacks, squat jacks, burpees, and high knees, which work the biggest muscle groups in the body and incorporate cardio at the same time.
  • Doing these exercises burns a lot of fat and helps the body repair leg muscles, which also helps burn belly fat.
  • Alternatives to these exercises include step jacks, modified high knees, half burpees, and regular squats.
  • The best time and frequency to do these exercises can be found on Koboko Fitness

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Which Exercise Burns Belly Fat? : Video

Which Exercise Burns Belly Fat? : More Thoughts…

When you have belly fat under control, you might want to move on to exercises to tighten and tone the core.

You know…get that 6 pack, 4 pack, or 11 line abs look.

For this purpose, in addition to the exercises mentioned in the video, you can also do classic crunches.

These don’t directly burn belly fat but the do tone and strengthen the muscles for a more defined look.

Crunches have been tried and tested for years as a go-to exercise for toning the core.

Next, consider planks. Planks strengthen the core and your entire body.

Which Exercise Burns Belly Fat? – more exercises

If you’re up for a challenge, also consider mountain climbers.

Mountain climbers are a great way to get your heart rate up and work on your abs and thighs at the same time.

Finally, give Russian twists a try. This exercise targets your core and oblique muscles.

Of course, there’s a lot of science behind these exercises and why they work so well.

So, if you’re ready to get started on your fitness journey, shed some extra pounds, burn belly fat, and tone up your abs – be sure to start incorporating these exercises into your routine.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to achieving your fitness goals!

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