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The 5 Minute Flat Stomach Exercise Routine Worth Trying

Got 5 minutes? try this flat stomach exercise routine!

Having that perfect, toned belly is all about putting in the right amount of effort in the right area, and in this case, the core!

Here’s helping you get it right, ladies! 

Read on to discover the ultimate 5 minute flat stomach exercise routine!

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Start With Knee Hugs

You already know how important it is to start with a good warm up session, and when it comes to exercising your core, this is a great way to do that.

Knee hugs basically need you to bend your knees, pull one of your legs up towards your chest using the support of your hands. Keep alternating this with both of your legs and that’s it. 

flat stomach exercises

Move Onto Dead Bugs

Now’s the time to get down and dirty with the next step of our 5 minute flat stomach exercises.

Lie down on your back on the floor, have both your hands outstretched and pointed towards the ceiling, and your legs up in the air, knees bent, just like in the picture below.

Slowly, extend one leg at a time, and try to keep your lower back on the mat as much as you can during this exercise. 

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Do your best to try avoid your outstretched leg touching the ground- it should ideally hover above the ground. 

Bird Dog: The Flat Stomach Exercise Essential

Now it is time to flip over, get on all your fours, and extend one leg and the opposite arm, both at the same time.

When you do this, you have to squeeze your abs and glutes as much as you can to work that area.

This exercise in particular, doesn’t need you to be fast, but rather in correct form, and focusing on your core

Moving Onto Quarter Jacks

And all those who have read this far, kudos to you!

Next, get into the plank position, with your wrists directly underneath your shoulders, and stepping one foot outwards at a time and then returning it back to its original position, then moving onto the next foot. 

During this exercise, keep your abs engaged and your hips as low as you can. 

flat stomach exercise

Ending With Standing Oblique Crunches

Now it is time to stand back up and do some standing oblique crunches. Keep your hands at your back and raise your knee as high as you can as you attempt to touch your elbow. You may not be able to have your knees touch your elbows in the first attempt itself, and it is all good. Just keep going. 

flat stomach exercise

This flat stomach exercise routine is incredibly easy to follow, and when you consistently do it (combined with an excellent diet), you’ll see amazing results!