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How to Make Sugar Daddy Ice Cream (The Recipe)

This Nigerian ice cream recipe is definitely a sugar daddy.

Sugar daddy (noun; informal): an oldie but goodie that blinds you with the finer things in life.

Oh yes, when you try this ice cream recipe, you will understand why I have called it sugar daddy.

It is so good

nigerian ice cream recipe healthy _the sugar daddy _homemadex1200

And when I say this ice cream recipe is “good”, I’m not referring to just the taste.

Yes, it tastes absolutely divine and beyond that, it’s actually quite nutritious.

Now, that’s my kind of dessert!

Peep this.


This ice cream recipe is a very good source of potassium.

It is also an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

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Potassium is great for reducing / preventing soreness after working out.

Fiber is wonderful for staying regular so you can have soft, dewy, glowing skin.

nigerian healthy homemade ice cream recipe _the sugar daddy _homemade_2x1200

As a person that tends to breakout after any type of overindulgence in sugar, this is music to my ears.

M – U – S – I – C to my ears, I say.

And did I mention that it tastes pretty darn delicious?

Okay let’s get to this ice cream recipe already.

Oh one last thing.

I know. I know. I can’t stop talking about this ice cream. It’s not my fault. I just love it so much.

nigerian ice cream recipe _the sugar daddy _homemade_3x1200

The last thing I want to mention is that this has no sugar added – at all. Like, none. Nada. Zilch and it still tastes like heaven. Let’s just say I’m kind of in love. how to make ice cream recipe sugar daddy ice cream

Eating this ice cream is exactly like getting a gift from a sugar daddy.

All the good stuff with none of the added responsibility. 

Okay for real this time. On to the recipe. 

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