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Can You Burn Chest Fat Exercising 2x/Week?

Can you reduce chest fat by doing my chest workout twice a week?

This is an awesome question I was recently asked.

Here’s the short answer: Yes, you can.

My chest workout absolutely works.

Here’s the more detailed answer.

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How to Lose Chest Fat

To lose chest fat, there are three things that must align:

  1. Your food choices
  2. Your workout routine
  3. Your genetics

My chest workout helps you with number 2.

Note: the people seeing results are most likely doing other complementary workouts to create a complete workout routine.

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This is why I created the monthly workout schedules. No thinking. No planning. No guesswork.

But You Can’t Spot Reduce Fat!

This is true (as of 2018).

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My chest workout doesn’t help you by spot reducing fat.

It helps you by incorporating common sense into the design.

Here’s what I mean.

Most chest fat workouts include push-ups and jumping jacks.

Have you ever met a large breasted woman that wants to do push-ups?

I haven’t.

I’ve also never met a woman trying to lose chest fat that wants to do jumping jacks.

So – you will find no push-ups or jumping jacks in my chest fat workout.

There are many suitable alternatives that do not involve a boob smacking you in the face.

Examples: wall pushes and step jacks.

Bottom Line:

To lose chest fat (through exercise), you don’t need magic.

You just need a workout routine that is well designed and then do it.

Don’t be afraid of “wasting your time” be afraid of staying the same.

I don’t mean that literally. Please don’t be afraid of anything. That sentence was just too epic to pass up.

You also need to make the best choices you can with your food.

What About Genetics?

There’s little you can do about your genetics.

So, it is better to focus on the things you can control – your workouts and your meals.

I may be able to help you with your meals in the future.

For now, I am creating the best workouts you can do at home.

Every workout, is about you, your goals, and your preferences.

You gat dis!