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3 Quick and Easy at Home Ab Exercises for Major Results

Not all home ab exercises are created equal – that’s for sure.

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), some ab exercises will lead to better results than others.

Also, many of the best ab exercises can be done at home…on the carpet…in your pajamas.


But before we jump in, let’s quickly clarify something that can make or break your results.

The Purpose of At Home Ab Exercises

When most people search for ab workouts, it is because they have a bit of belly fat and would prefer to have a flatter tummy.

I get it – I understand. I totally want the same thing.

However, exercises for the belly area are actually not designed to flatten the belly.

They are designed to build muscle in the belly area.

So, if your main concern is to lose fat in the belly area, perhaps ab exercises are not for you (yet).

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What you really need is overall cardio to lose weight first and then you can start working on building muscle in the ab area.

Now that we have clarified that, let’s move on.

So Which at Home Ab Exercises Are Best?

A good ab workout will target as many of the muscle groups in the abdomen as possible.

Although no single ab exercise can target all the muscles in the ab area at once, there are 3 that come pretty darn close. Here they are:

1. Traditional Crunches

According to the ACE research, crunches are very effective for toning the abs. In fact, their research shows that crunches are just as effective as all those expensive gadgets that companies market for working the tummy area.

This is great news because crunches are such an easy way to exercise the abs at home! I’m thrilled that they’re also so effective!

nigerian home ab exercises crunches or situps

2. Planks

Planks are also wonderful exercises for the abs and can be done at home very quickly and easily.

nigerian home ab exercises how to plank


The main value of planks is that they strengthen the core overall (making it easier to do more of those crunches). Planks are also great because they can easily be modified to up the intensity and they do a good job of toning the obliques (the sides of the belly).

3. Bicycles / Bicycle Crunches

The majority of fitness experts agree that this is easily one of the best ab exercises that almost anybody can do at home. It may look easy at first but be warned. You will feel the burn the next day (and that’s a good thing).

home ab exercise Bicycles Crunches Nigerian Fitness Flat Tummy

Conclusion – the Best Home Ab Exercises

So there you have it. 3 solid exercises for the abs that you can do at home, in your hotel room, at your parent’s house – anywhere!

Which is your favorite?

Of course, there are many more ab exercises that you can do in addition to the three on this list. The key is to mix things up, stay consistent, eat right, and you will see results.

Don’t give up!

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