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My top 3 healthy habits for 2023


Did you know you can apply the Pareto Principle to healthy habits?

I’ve used it to create my top 3 healthy habits for 2023 and it is doing wonders for me.

My habits include:

1️⃣ Exercise for at least 10 min everyday.

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Even if it’s just 10 minutes per day, regular exercise helps with feeling better both physically and mentally.

Try a Koboko workout or walking, biking, swimming, or taking the stairs.

2️⃣. Eat more plants.

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We focus heavily on calories and carbs.

But how about broccoli and carrots?

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Our bodies need plants to function, detox, and balance.

Without proper nutrition from plants, it’s harder for the body to perform key functions (including burning excess fat).

3️⃣ Sleep more. I’ve been able to achieve this by setting better boundaries in all areas of my life.

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