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Meal Prep Nigerian Food: 3 Important Tips You Need to Know

These tips are essential if you ever want to meal prep Nigerian food.
They will help you
  1. Save time in the kitchen
  2. Reduce waste
  3. Enjoy your meal prep process

[sociallocker]These tips are based on my personal experience with doing the meal prep for my family.

So, they are tried, tested and I know they work very well.

Meal Prep Nigerian Food: Tip #1

Don’t plan too many foods that need peeling / chopping for the same week.
This meal prep tip might seem obvious but it’s really not.
I still fell into this trap last week.
I planned to eat Irish potatoes and plantains in the same week.
meal prep nigerian food healthy meal plans
It sounded delicious (and reasonable) on paper.
But I quickly discovered my error once I got into the kitchen and started peeling potatoes.
It took me
  • 30 minutes to peel the sac of potatoes
  • another 15 minutes to peel and chop all the plantains.
 That’s 45 minutes on just peeling/chopping food. 
That’s a lot of time that could have been spent eating snacks on the couch.
Don’t be like me.
When you’re doing your meal prep, look out for foods that need lots of chopping / peeling.
Don’t include too many of these types of foods in the same week. 

Meal Prep Nigerian Food: Tip #2

Do ALL your chopping, peeling, and grinding over the weekend
This one is a real time saver.
Does your meal plan call for tomatoes? onions? yam?
Do all chopping, peeling, blending, and grinding all at once over the weekend.
healthy meal plans food time table nigerian
It’s much easier to make some eggstew or jollof during the week if all the tomatoes are already blended.
Trust me, it makes everything so much easier and you’ll be feeling like a boss in the kitchen all week.
If you’re feeling luxurious (and have the cash to spare) buy pre-chopped ingredients.
Or you can invest in a vegetable chopper to save some time.
The main idea here is to make sure that if you have to cook during the week, you’re not doing any chopping/peeling etc.
You’re just tossing things together in the pot and feeling like a perfect 10 as you do so.

Meal Prep Nigerian Food: Tip #3

Variety is not your friend
You might be tempted to prepare a new dish for every single meal.
Don’t do it.
Just 3 – 5 dishes is more than enough for the week.
You’ll find that it’s okay to repeat the same meal for supper a few times a week.
It’s okay to eat the same thing for breakfast 2 or 3 times in the week.
And it’s very okay to reheat some leftovers from the day before for lunch.
This meal prep tip is particularly crucial if you are a beginner.
You don’t want to overwhelm yourself in the beginning and become discouraged.

Final Thoughts on Meal Prepping Nigerian Food

Once you have a solid meal plan in place, meal prep doesn’t have to be a chore.
Follow these 3 tips and your meal prep day will be more efficient and, dare I say, even more fun! [/sociallocker]

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