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How Many Times a Week Should YOU Workout?

You guys really want to know how many times a week you should workout.

Here is my shortest, simplest, most importantest answer.

Yup. Just made that word up. lol

But seriously, here’s the answer.

You “should” workout 5 days a week.

BUT this is obviously not realistic for most people (myself included).

You have class, work, friends, LIFE to think about.

So, what is a realistic goal for most people?

how many times a week to workout

How Many Times a Week to Workout

TL;DR: Most people should plan to workout 2 – 3 times a week.

Once you can do this consistently for 6 months, then re-evaluate.

Ask yourself.

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  • Am I seeing results?
  • Do I want to do more?
  • Can I get away with doing less?

You don’t want to tell yourself that you have to workout 5 days a week.


Because if you can’t do it consistently, you’ll just feel bad about yourself.

When in reality, you should feel GREAT about yourself for even trying.

Okay this is getting long.

tl;dr: workout 2 – 3 times a week. done. ok bye ❤

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