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Great Low Impact Workout to Lose Weight (free 20 Minute Video)

When seeking a low impact workout, it can be hard to find exercises that will both help you lose weight and still avoid pain in joints and muscles.

Many of us, after all, are beginners or are worried about re-injuring our bodies from past sports injuries.

This workout is great for anyone who wants to make sure they start moving and are being active.

If you have a very intense workout the day before, on the other hand, this can be a great way to exercise without making those sore muscles feel terrible.

The following workout will help you burn some extra calories while still making sure you are careful to protect your body from over-exertion.

20 Minute Low Impact Workout: Walk at Home!

You can follow along with this low impact workout in the video below.

Or simply read on for more detailed instructions!

While you can do this in any workout clothing, a pair of comfortable leggings makes the movements easier.

Low Impact Warm-Up: 3 Minutes

  • Start with a warm-up of simple step-kicks, shifting your weight and kicking each foot. Do this for 20 seconds. Then continue your warm-up period with some left and right side steps.
  • Pick up the pace and walk in place a bit quicker for 20 seconds.
  • Do another round of step-kicks and another round of left and right steps. If possible, make your left and right steps a little wider this time as your body becomes ready to move.

Low Impact Workout

  • While walking in place, add some arm movements by reaching up with both arms on every other step, lowering the arms in between. This begins to get blood flowing to your arms.
  • Switch, after 20 seconds, to reaching out in front of you and back to your side while doing step-kicks.
  • Do another round of side-to-side steps and then add 20 seconds of shifting weight from front to back foot, with a heel-touch in front and a toe-touch in back as you step.
  • Next 20 seconds: walk forward and back in the space you have, perhaps 3 to 4 steps forward and 3 to 4 steps back.
  • Next 20 seconds: lift your legs to where your upper leg is parallel to the floor, then lower back down. Alternate these high-knee steps.
  • Next 20 seconds: Widen your stance so that your knees are slightly bent. Repeat the 3-4 steps forward and back to get some new muscles to work in your walking.
  • Repeat series, adding in elements like holding your arms out to your side while walking, or stepping from the middle out with one foot and then the other, or clapping your hands together on every other step.

Low Impact Cool Down

  • Step side to side for 20 seconds with arms extended; add arm circles here to get a little last burn in your arms.
  • Walk forward one step, then backward, then left and back. Walk forward one step again, then backward, then right and back to center. This step gives a balanced final part of your workout.
  • Walk in place with arms pumping for a 20 second step.
  • Walk with your arms on your hips and a wide stance forward and back, stretching those upper legs one more time.

This workout will take only 17 minutes to complete, but you can stop between the two rounds in the central part of the workout for a quick break of 30-40 seconds.

Even if you don’t like exercise, this is a fast and low impact workout that doesn’t feel like exercise.

If you have more time, you can do this low impact workout frequently throughout the day, whenever you need to warm up a little.

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You can also do it if you’re struggling with cravings and need something to focus on.

The nice thing is that this workout is gentle enough to do every day, if you want to get more workouts in.

It’s a great way to make sure you are moving and take a break from sitting, working on the computer, or doing housework, all while helping you to lose weight.

Playing music while you do it makes the movements seem fun and not like work at all.

Have questions about how to lose weight with low impact workouts? Leave your comments below and I’ll do my best to reply!

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