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Low Back Pain Yoga Workout (5 Min!) + Free Printable!

Many of us struggle with low back pain.

For some, it has even become a normal part of daily life.

The good news is that things can be better!

You can feel better!

Your body is your ally.

Your body should help you enjoy your life – not be a source of pain.

Note: I strongly recommend seeing a doctor or Physical Therapist for professional advice if you’re experiencing low back pain. This post is a yoga workout for low back pain + my personal experience with the issue, not a recommendation or prescription 🙂

My Personal Experience with Low Back Pain

After I had my baby, I went through a period of experiencing low back pain.

Many people told me that it was “normal”.

When I checked Google, it said that low back pain is “very common” among adults.

Here’s a WebMD article on the topic if you’re interested.

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low back pain on google

But something deep inside of me told me that I could overcome my low back pain.

So I here’s what I did.

I spent my coin to see a licensed Physical Therapist.

The guy was a bit weird to be honest.

He was cracking so many jokes and I didn’t get many of them LOL!

But he did give some great advice that I will share with you.

Low Back Pain Advice from my Physical Therapist

One of the key things I learned from him is this:

We tend to bend forward a lot.

For example, you might bend forward to

  1. Do an ab workout
  2. Pick up a pen from the floor
  3. Tie your shoe laces
  4. Clean the bathroom etc.

But how often do you have a need to bend backwards?

Rarely often right?

For some people, not bending backward often enough creates an imbalance that can lead to low back pain.

So the first thing my Physical Therapist told me was that I needed to bend backwards more.

It is counter-intuitive (and initially uncomfortable) but I decided to give it a shot.

To do this, I added yoga into my bedtime routine and it worked.

In a short time, I was completely free from low back pain.

Again, this is not a recommendation or prescription for you. This is just my personal experience and I encourage you to see a physical therapist for your unique situation ❤️

Okay, onto the best part, the workout 😃

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Low Back Pain Yoga Workout (5 Min!!)

Click here to download a free printable of this workout

For each pose,

  1. Hold for about 10 – 15 seconds
  2. Release
  3. Then re-enter the pose

Do this for a total of 45 seconds per pose

Low Back Pain Yoga: Standing Back Bend

Tip: beginners, don’t stress about bending all the way back. Just go through your own range of motion.

Low Back Pain Yoga: Cat-Cow Pose

low back pain yoga cat cow pose fitness blog koboko

Tip: have fun with it

Low Back Pain Yoga: Upward Facing Dog Pose

Low Back Pain Yoga

Tip: go slow and steady. Remember to breathe deeply and calmly

Low Back Pain Yoga: Marichyasana Left & Right

Tip: beginners, don’t twist your torso. Simply do the portion of the pose that involves mainly your legs

Wind-Freeing Pose – Left and Right

Tip: let it rip 😊

Corpse Pose

corpse pose yoga for women

Tip: relax. breathe

Click here to download a free printable of this workout

General Tips for Any Yoga Workout

Remember to breathe and go slowly.

Unlike a cardio workout, it’s not about how fast you go.

It’s really about connecting with your breath.

It’s about feeling the movements of your body and just being in the moment.

I hope you love this workout!

Leave me a comment if you want more like this ❤️