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Want to Know How to Lose Your Baby Weight? Adanna Ohakim Shares Her Secrets

Being a mother is said to be the best thing that can ever happen to a woman.

Imagine being able to create a life and bring it out into the world.

After the miracle of birth, however, is the harsh reality of baby weight.

But it’s nothing like a lifestyle change and a good exercise routine can’t fix.

Take it from Adanna Ohakim who bounced back from post-baby weight through exercise and a good diet.

She’s shared her secret for losing baby weight in her YouTube channel, AdannaDavid, which she runs with her husband, David.

How to lose that post baby weight

1. Be patient

Yes, you’ve seen it happen with celebrities and supermodels.

They gain and lose baby weight almost instantly.

But, as Adanna shared, her pregnancy lasted for 9 to 10 months, and 6 weeks won’t be enough to lose all that weight gained during that period.

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It will take patience and hard work to regain the body you had before pregnancy, or achieve a sexy one.

So, give yourself time to lose your baby weight the healthy way.

2. Go out of the house

It’s one thing to exercise indoors, and another to do it outdoors.

When you go out of the house, it won’t be just about fitness, but also giving your brain a breather.

The fresh air and the view can have a positive impact on you psychologically.

3. Start slowly

Adanna Ohakim’s advice is to start slowly, rather than jump right into physically demanding activities.

Walking is an effective way to lose weight and staying fit, with low pressure on yourself.

4. Have a balanced diet

Watching your diet is one of the best ways to keep baby weight at bay.

Unfortunately, it can get tricky when you are breastfeeding, since you need to eat to have a good supply of milk. But once you’ve given birth, switch to a diet that is not only balanced that can help in your weight loss goal.

5. Create a routine and stick with it

Some women are lucky enough to continue to exercise during the early stages of their pregnancy.

Some, however, have to stop any heavy lifting the moment they become pregnant.

This makes it hard to get back to any fitness routine you may have had in the past, or follow the same rigorous one.

Whether you need to change your routine or not, make sure you have one and stick with it.

6. Find inspiration

A lot of people fall out of their fitness routine due to lack of motivation.

So make sure you find an inspiration or a reason to stay motivated and work hard to lose your baby weight.

In the case of Adanna, her motivation was David.

So, look for something or someone that will encourage you to stay on track.

7. Take advantage of fitness technologies

Adanna and David use Earthmiles, an app that gives you rewards for every fitness activity that you do.

It automatically syncs with other fitness apps that you have on your mobile phone.

Whether you run, walk, jog, cycle or do yoga, it will be converted into miles. Collect those miles and redeem your rewards!

Losing Your Baby Weight is Possible!

In a nutshell, losing your baby weight is possible!

With a little determination and inspiration from people like Adanna, you can do it!

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