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in just 10 – 30 minutes a day! 

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We’ve already started but you can still join. Hurry!!

📝 The $1 fee is due to a limitation with our platform. 
There is no option to run a challenge of this size for free, otherwise I would.

What You Get

Challenge Dates: June 3 – June 28, 2024

Hurry! we’ve already started but you can still join!

Hall of Fame

a few highlights from previous challenges

Nov 2020 Winner - Cora

Cora Endean

Cora went through ALOT to get to where she is today. She didn't give up. She never quit. And ended up winning a Grand Prize!

Surnaina Narain: August Winner

Surnaina Narain

Surnaina has the incredible ability to show up for her workouts - even when she doesn't feel like it! And she won a Grand Prize!

Sunni the winner

Sunni Wenson

The challenge helped Sunni feel in control during a very uncertain time. She stayed consistent and won a Grand Prize!

Koboko Fitness Challenge Results - Yuri did amazing!

Super Mom, Yuri!

Completed TWO challenges and has become SUPER CONSISTENT with her workout routine - even with kids!

Koboko Fitness Challenge Results

Inspirational, Missy!

Completed the challenge and reached her goal with a great feeling of wholeness and accomplishment!

Koboko Fitness Challenge Results

Revitalized, Valentina!

Completed the challenge and was able to go on vacation (enjoy herself!) and still feel amazing, fit, and in shape!

The Grand Prize is $350 CASH

The grand prize winner will be announced on July 6, 2024.

If you win the grand prize, you get $350 sent to you cash via PayPal or Venmo within 24 hours.

1:1 Video Calls with Kola 😆

new in 2024 ✨

During this challenge, you will have the chance to hop on 1:1 video calls with Kola!

Yes, you read that right – no extra cost.

On the call, you can ask any questions you have related to fitness, workouts, food, and weightloss. 

Or just chat about your fitness journey and how it’s going.

The sessions will be short and sweet. There is no sales pitch or webinar 😂 This is purely to support you to reach your goal!

It’s a bit insane – and it may not happen again. So if you want in on the 1:1s, don’t miss this challenge!

Hop in and let’s get fit! 💪🍑🔥

This page will be closed once all spots are filled.

Challenge starts in 



It’s $1 to join. 

June 3 – 28, 2024


All you need is your body and a few minutes to workout.

Yes, please join the fun.

The challenge is open internationally to everybody in every country. No one left behind. 

You must be age 18 or better to participate.

No, a photo is not required to join.

We have better ways of helping you be successful without the discomfort of taking an embarassing photo.

If you choose to send photos (even though they are not required), your photos are NEVER shared without your explicit permission.

Further, not everybody who gives permission to share their content is actually shared on Koboko Fitness platforms.

I reserve the right to not repost content at my discretion.

This information is emailed to you immediately after you join the challenge.