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How to Create a Fantastic Jogging Routine

A solid jogging routine is one of the fastest ways to reach your ideal body. 

When you jog regularly, you

  • Increase your ability to maintain your weight
  • Look much younger 
  • Feel good about challenging yourself
  • Save money on gym memberships

Research suggests that your skin may even begin to improve in tone and texture.

There are so many benefits of developing a good jogging routine.

This is why Koboko Fitness went behind the scenes to find out exactly how Frances Onwuachi developed her fantastic jogging routine.

Frances has jogged everywhere from Seattle to Asaba.

She is able to jog for almost 1.5 hours non-stop and has maintained her jogging routine for 6 years!

Frances is definitely enjoying the benefits of jogging regularly.

She looks amazing in her workout clothes.

She is confident as she shares her progress with her jogging routine. Frances is even considering the possibility of running competitively in the future. 

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These are her best tips for how you can develop a great jogging routine too.

How to Develop a Jogging Routine that Actually Works: 10 Tips

1. Envision Your Route

“In my mind, I already see the route I’m going to jog that morning. Whatever route I commit to in my mind, I have to do it.”
This tip from Frances is a game changer.
Many fitness experts agree that preparation is key to any successful change in fitness.
Having a mental preview of your successful jog is a powerful tool for developing a great jogging routine.
Once your mind is engaged at that level, your body is more likely to comply.

2. Wear Good Clothing

“I am tall with a slender body (thanks to jogging). So, showing off my form a little is liberating”

Gone are the days of wearing pyjamas to exercise!

Definitely invest in nice workout clothes and a good pair of running shoes

The right gear is important for going the distance. Good shoes and a supportive sports bra are key.

Women with larger busts have to overcompensate by tightening other muscles when jogging and this can lead to unnecessary aches in the long term.

nigerian beginner jogging routine how to fitness

3. Busy Your Mind

“Music did not help me because I always knew when the song was going to end. Teachings, TED talks, and interesting podcasts have worked much better for me.”

Very few people can jog without listening to something. 

Like Frances, your “something” doesn’t have to be music – it can be an audio book or anything really.

So find what you like and plug in some good quality headphones to help you get in the zone. 

4. Be Patient

“At first, I struggled to reach 30 minutes without stopping. The day I finally did it, I was JUBILANT.  I couldn’t believe it!”

It took months of consistency and patience for Frances to reach this milestone.

You are doing a great job simply by trying.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be Usain Bolt right from day 1.

Start from wherever you are and patiently work your way up to your ultimate goal. 

5. Set Incremental Goals

“I thought: ‘ if I can hit 30 minutes, then I can do 40 minutes.

And if I can do 40 minutes, then I might as well do 1 hour.'”

Setting goals is a key part of Frances’ success with jogging.
As you patiently reach your smaller goals, you will find the motivation and internal strength to reach bigger milestones – just like Frances did.

jogging routine

6. Always Find a Way

“Eventually, I moved to Naija and things changed. My road was untarred. There was dust everywhere. I didn’t know my way around and didn’t have a car to easily get to gym.
I was an anomaly trying to jog in my neighborhood and sometimes men would hail me as they drove to work in the morning. Children would stare at me as I jogged by.”
Frances did not let any of these challenges become a source of discouragement. 
Instead, she developed the habit of getting up before sunrise to jog. This way, she could jog with minimal dust created by moving vehicles.
This also allowed her to focus on her jogging routine with fewer distractions.
If there is anything preventing you from starting your jogging routine, think of the benefits that jogging can bring into your life.
Then be like Frances and find a way.

7. Create a Schedule

“My pattern is to jog two days, then take a rest day; then jog another two days, then take another rest day. I repeat this pattern year round.”

It’s important to pay attention to your body and create a schedule that works for you.

Frances noted that she could actually jog 3 days in a row. However, she noticed that this “jog-jog-rest” pattern worked best for her overall performance. 

It’s good practice to experiment and see what works for you. 

Then use your self-knowledge to create a schedule that you can commit to. 

8. Use Your Environment

“Your environment has sooo much influence on you. Be around people who count physical health as top priority.”

If you find that your friends and family are not supportive, try to make friends on the internet.

Instagram, for example, is a wonderful place to find inspiring Nigerian women in fitness

9. Maintain Your Routine Year Round

“Holidays are a tempting period to overindulge. I’m in tune with my body and I like to maintain my rhythm – so even during holidays, I maintain my jogging routine.  

Once you get going with these mindsets and habits, you can’t go back to not running. Your body, emotions, mind will feel the repercussions and you won’t be the same.”

This definitely takes some discipline but Frances is showing us that it can be done. 

With a little foresight, self-knowledge, and planning, the holidays don’t have to be a period where your fitness take a hit.

It is certainly possible to maintain your jogging routine year-round. 

10. Make it Easy on Yourself

“If I had to get to gym, wouldn’t make it. Running around neighborhood was the greatest asset”

Again, Frances reminds us that it is not necessary to have a gym membership in order to develop a great fitness routine. 

All you need is some good ol planning, persistence, and determination.

Action Points You Can Do Today

  1. Shop for nice workout clothes and shoes
  2. Find music or books you may enjoy listening to while jogging
  3. Write down a schedule

Many thanks to Frances for sharing her insight and experience with developing a fantastic jogging routine! 

Catch up with Frances on her blog and on Facebook!

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