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Is Eating Fat Actually Good for You? The Surprising Truth

Did you know that eating fat increases the likelihood of success on a low carb Nigerian diet? 

There are also many other surprising benefits of eating fat. 

According to recent studies,

  • Eating fat helps many people eat less because it controls hunger.
  • Eating fat helps the body release hormones that are essential for weight loss.
  • It also helps relieve dry skin and helps the body lubricate itself.

So, in a nutshell, eating fat is not bad for you.

However, there are 2 small details you need to know in order to eat fat and still lose weight. 


There are two keys to success with eating fat.

The first is quantity. The second is quality.

Eating fat: Quantity

Fats are high calorie foods.

This means that 1 teaspoon of butter contains many more calories than 1 teaspoon of white rice. 

Thus, it is important to eat fats in moderation.

The best way to make sure you’re eating fats in the right amounts is to track your foods.

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Do this for a week or so to understand how much fat you currently eat and adjust up or down as needed. 

Eating fat: Quality

The quality of the fat also matters – a lot.

It is best to get all your fat from natural, unprocessed fat sources.

Avoid eating any fats that come from packaged goods and unhealthy snacks.

Also, focus on getting fats that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

If you follow these simple rules of thumb, you will be getting good quality fats.

You also won’t have to twist your brain trying to understand the difference between good and bad fats.

So Why Are People Scared of Eating Fat?

There are many reasons that scare many people away from eating fat.

1. Fat makes you fat.

A popular reason people shy away from fats is the logic that eating fat makes you fat.

Unfortunately, this logic is dated and no longer supported by modern science and research

Eating fat – in itself – won’t make you fat. 

Eating too much fat (just like eating too much of anything else) is what causes problems. 

2. Confusion.

Another reason people shy away from eating fats is confusion.

  • Which fats are good? Which ones are bad?
  • Which fats are saturated? Which ones are unsaturated?
  • Which fats have Omega-3? Which ones have Omega-6?
  • In fact, what on earth is Omega this or Omega that?

It can get very confusing. 

However, there’s no need to avoid the joys of eating fatty foods because of this. 

As mentioned above, simply stick with high quality, natural fat sources. 

As long as the fats are not from packaged, processed, unhealthy sources, there is no reason to worry. 

3. Calories are also a concern

A third reason people sometimes shy away from fatty foods is the number of calories in them. 

Avoiding fats to control calories is wise in the short term but not an advisable long term strategy. 

For example, let’s say you only have 100 calories left in your budget for today.

It’s okay to opt out of eating a fatty avocado for dinner and opt instead for a juicy drumstick. 

You’ll get more protein and less fat this way.

Long term, however, avocados are not bad. They contain many good fats that your body needs.

The Conclusion on Eating Fat

Eating fat is not bad.

In fact, it is essential to lose weight.

Instead of avoiding fat, focus instead on getting good quality fats.

Focus on getting most of your fat from natural, unprocessed sources.  

As long as you remember the two words, quality and quantity, you have no need to fear fats. 



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