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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight – Practical

Many people have asked about ✨ how to stay motivated to lose weight ✨

To stay motivated to lose weight, we need some kind of streak system.

An easy one to do is to just have a calendar and each day, put an “X” to mark success.

For example, maybe you’re doing Koboko Fitness workouts.

Each day you successfully complete your workout, put an “X” on the free PDF calendar provided.

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You can do this with anything.

You can put “X”s on a calendar for eating clean, taking a day off, sleeping early etc.

I personally reward myself with a big “X” on my calendar almost everyday for one thing or another πŸ˜‚

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Pro Tip:

I would recommend starting with a goal to just do it for two weeks.

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This will allow you to see if it’s possible to be consistent for two weeks.

After two weeks, see if it’s possible to remain consistent for another week (making 3 weeks of consistency).

After 3 weeks, see if you can make it one more week. This gets you to FOUR weeks of being a baaadddddddddiieeeee!!! 😎

For the people that are Premium members on my site….

You already know I provide a monthly PDF of the workout plan for the month.

Don’t play yourself.

Download the PDF and cross off each day as you do your workouts.

It is highly motivating to be able to see that progress, regardless of what the scale is doing.

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight (personal trainer tip)

I strongly recommend focusing on just one thing for the “X”

For example,Β if you’re doing a Koboko Fitness, workout plan, your thing is to just do your workout.

If you’re already consistent with your workouts, you can shift focus to something else.

Maybe you want to start using your “X” for avoiding diet coke or cake. πŸ‘€

It’s tempting to try to use the “X”s for multiple things at once.

In my experience, this type of behavior leads to stress.

Take the easy way out and do things one at a time.

In summary, have some kind of streak system that’s visual. Maybe even put it in a high traffic, public area of your home.

Like the fridge. This way, your housemates can support you.

If you live with unsupportive people, hide it in your backpack or something.

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight – method 2

The second thing, which is also very practical, is to have an emotion wheel saved on our phones.

I have one…

Actually, I have multiple…

I have three 😬

This is what an emotion wheel looks like

emotion wheel - for how to stay motivated to lose weight

There are many different kinds of emotion wheels.

Pick the one that feels best to you.

The one shown here is a personal favorite of mine.

Here’s how we’re going to use this.

Whenever we feel a certain type of way, some of us have a tendency to eat.

We say

“you know what? This week is so hard! I need to treat myself.”
“I’m going to Starbucks”

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight Using an Emotion Wheel

The way to use the emotion wheel is: when we have those rough days, before we go into Starbucks, we’re gonna pull up our emotion wheel on our phones.

We don’t have to look for it.

We know where it is.

It’s on the phone.

And try to figure out what that emotion actually is.

It’s not enough to say “I’m feeling bad”

Bad is not an emotion, but angry is an emotion.

Sad is an emotion.

To use myself as an example, maybe I’ve had a rough week.

I’ll pull up my emotion, wheel and I say

OH! okay, I’m feeling frustrated

Or, oh, I’m feeling sad

Just the action of naming the emotion is extremely powerful.

It puts the power back in your hands.

Now, am I saying I’m not gonna go to Starbucks to get my venti mocha latte? Of course I am 🀣

But at least my prefrontal cortex is back online…my brain is back online.

I am no longer acting out of emotion to go buy something to eat.

Because I labeled that emotion.

When we label our emotions, we bring our brain back online.

This helps us with making choices that make us feel proud!

When we feel proud of ourselves and the choices that we’re making, it makes it easier.

Not easy, but easier to be motivated to lose weight.

My name is Kola, just like Coca-Cola

I am certified as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

I’m a wife.

I’m a mom, and I’m here to help us out as much as possible.

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how to stay motivated to lose weight personal trainer practical tips

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight. TLDR (summary πŸ™‚)

  • The first tip is to have a streak system, where you put an “X” on each day of following a weight loss routine or workout plan.
  • I provide a free calendar for my Premium website members to do this every month
  • The second practical tip is to use an emotion wheel to identify and label emotions before making food-related decisions.
  • The ability to label emotions helps to bring the brain back online and make better choices, leading to a feeling of pride and motivation to continue the weight loss journey.
  • It’s not easy, but you are worth the effort and you can do it

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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight. : Video

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