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How to Reduce Stress: 10 Effective Ways to Try

Feel stressed out often?

Looking for some good ways to reduce stress? Give this a quick read! I’ve got you 10 super effective ways to melt your worries away

Eat Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers rejoice! This trick can be incredibly helpful for all those who tend to stress eat. Swap that bar of milk chocolate, bags of M&Ms and ice-cream tubs for some good dark chocolate!

Studies show that apart from being a rich source of antioxidants, dark chocolate also reduces stress levels. 

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Chew On Vitamin C Gummies

When you’re under stress, your body becomes vulnerable to attack. Chewing on some vitamin C gummies will give your immune system a little boost and will help keep you energetic, active and healthy

Take a Hot Shower Before You Hit the Bed

There’s nothing that can get you in a relaxed mood better than taking a hot shower to calm down those frazzled nerves. Just remember to wash your face with cool water outside of the shower and not while you’re in the shower. 

Playing some relaxing music in the background while you’re at it is a great way to step things up to the next level! 😀

And Slip Into Your Favorite PJs

Already loving this aren’t you? Skip those fancy PJ sets that you aren’t comfortable in and go for whatever you feel most comfy and cozy in. 

Get That ACV to Reduce Stress

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, now’s the time to. Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular health foods on the planet, and when you team it up with some honey and warm water and sip on it right before bed, it can really calm you down and reduce stress levels. 

Get Moving

Try any one of my cardio workout routines on the app and get moving. 

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You’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll instantly start feeling. Exercise has been found to be a great natural stress buster. 

Talk it Out

Whether with a friend, a colleague or a family member- getting all your worries out is the easiest way to feel less stressed. You’ll also find a few apps to talk to- just in case you’re having one of those days when you don’t feel like talking to someone. 

Chew Some Gum

If there’s a big presentation coming up or someplace where you need to be in the spotlight, or even a first date with your long time crush and you’re stressed out about it, chewing gum a few minutes before can make you feel better. 


Oh yes! And you can actually put your procrastination to productive use. Use that time to plan out everything you need to do and schedule specific time slots to specific tasks that you need to do. 

Do Something that Reflects Your Love Language

Whatever it is that makes you feel better instantly- physical touch, complimenting someone or buying someone a gift- do it. When you do something out of love for someone, you automatically feel loved, and that’s one of the best ways to lower your stress levels.