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How to Make a Really Bomb Aboki Brownie

How can I describe this Aboki Brownie recipe? 

It is basically a luscious, moist, decadent chunk of healthy heaven.

Yes, healthy.

I was craving something chocolatey the other day but didn’t want to eat just anything because I had worked out that morning.

Eating a huge slab of regular cake was not an option because it would have canceled out all my sweating from just a few hours before.

I started searching Pinterest for how to make healthy brownies when I came across a pretty simple 3-ingredient brownie recipe.

I decided to make the recipe – but with a twist. 

I would add something to increase the antioxidant and fiber content of the brownies.

Anti-oxidants and fiber are really good for the skin 

aboki brownie

What is this “something” you ask? It’s cocoa powder!

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Cocoa powder is good for boosting energy.

It has antioxidants in it, just like green tea. It also has quite a bit of sulfur in it, so it could do good things for the hair as well.

You can read more about the health benefits of cocoa powder here and here.

Calories in One Aboki Brownie

This aboki brownie recipe makes 8 brownies. Each brownie comes in at about 130 calories (without the frosting).

I’m not sure how many calories it is with the frosting because I didn’t want to find out! haha

And speaking of finding out things, I originally didn’t consider what cocoa powder would do to the appearance of my brownies.

Cocoa powder is very black and it will make anything it enters turn very black. Hence, ladies, my resulting Aboki Brownie. 

how to make fudge brownires

How best to enjoy your Aboki Brownie

Let it cool down completely before eating (they tasted even more bomb from the fridge the following day).

I made mine with raw, unprocessed honey instead of sugar because I don’t like sugar.

Sugar makes it hard to lose weight and have nice abs

If you like really sweet things, you may not like this recipe.

It is sweet – and oh so decadent – but it’s not that sugary sweetness you get from those wonderful cinnamon raisin pretzels at the mall.

It’s more like the sweetness you’d get from a fresh, crisp, apple that is bursting with flavor. 

And of course, like all things in life, enjoy in moderation!

How to Make Brownies: Aboki Brownie Recipe

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