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Agege Bread: Is This a Surprising New Healthy Alternative?

Let’s be clear upfront: there is nothing in this world that can replace warm, stretchy, succulent Agege bread.

It just can’t be done.

Honestly, in my opinion, if flies have not perched on the bread, it’s not real Agege bread.

If it wasn’t baked at 4am in the morning, it’s not Agege bread.

If it doesn’t soak up stew like a mutant, it’s not Agege bread!

That said, I live in a place where it is simply not possible to get Agege bread.

But I’m still human.

Sometimes, I want something “bready” that goes well with milo but is also healthy (because fitfam).

Cue, this delicious looking something.

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It looks and tastes nothing like the real thing, but it somehow gives me the same feeling that agege bread does.

That feeling that you’re doing something bad but it feels so good!

Except, with this recipe, you’re not doing anything bad at all!!

This recipe is not sweet enough to be a scone but also not soft (or white) enough to be agege bread.

I guess you can say it’s confused about its identity.

It’s not confused about being delicious and nutritious though.

agege bread recipe how to make healthyx1500

If you’re looking for something “bready” to soothe a late night carb craving or something more interesting than bread and butter for breakfast, I’d encourage you to try this.

It doesn’t take long, the ingredients are pretty basic, and it looks quite fancy when it’s done.

Calories in Agege Bread Wannabe

agege bread recipe how to make healthy_nigerian bread
Each slice is only 150 calories.

It is very low in fat.

Its sweetness comes from honey instead of sugar.

It is high in fiber.

It is also a good source of protein (which is wonderful for the skin. Win!)

The Recipe

[yumprint-recipe id=’3′]

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