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Check out these incredible, amazing women who have ALL successfully completed one (or more) Koboko Fitness challenges!

Koboko Fitness Challenge Results - Yuri did amazing!

Super Mom, Yuri!

Completed TWO challenges and has become SUPER CONSISTENT with her workout routine - even with kids!

Koboko Fitness Challenge Results

Inspirational, Missy!

Completed the challenge and reached her goal with a great feeling of wholeness and accomplishment!

Koboko Fitness Challenge Results

Revitalized, Valentina!

Completed the challenge and was able to go on vacation (enjoy herself!) and still feel amazing, fit, and in shape!

Win up to $500 in CASH PRIZES!

Winner 1.

The first weekly winner will be announced on Nov 7th.

Winner 2.

The second weekly winner will be announced on Nov14th.

Winner 3.

The third weekly winner will be announced on Nov 21st.

If you win any of the weekly prizes, you get $50 CASH sent to you via PayPal or Venmo within 24 hours.

You also have the option to donate your winnings to any charity of your choice if you prefer.


The grand prize winner will be announced on December 2nd. 

If you win the grand prize, you get $350 sent to you CASH via PayPal or Venmo within 24 hours.


Nov 2nd – Nov 27, 2020

Yes, please join the fun. The challenge is open internationally to everybody in every country. No one left behind. 

You must be age 18 or better to participate.

Your photos are NEVER shared without your explicit written permission. Further, not everybody who gives me  permission to share their content is actually shared on my platforms because I reserve the right to not repost content at my discretion.

If I were working with you in person, I would be able to see what you look like in order to be effective at my job as your Personal Trainer. However, since I can’t physically see you, requesting a photo is the next best thing. 

The photo also enables you to have a record of your starting point; which you will appreciate when you look back and see how far you’ve come. 

I’ve literally had thousands of women complete Koboko challenges with incredible results. If you really want to do this challenge, I’d encourage you to move past the discomfort and not allow a photo stand in the way.

Besides, this could’ve been a lot more awkward. I could have asked for a 360 view video clip 🙂

This information is sent to you immediately via email after you submit your info above to join the challenge