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10 Foods to Avoid to Lose Belly Fat

Discover the foods to avoid eating to lose belly fat!

When it comes to losing fat, especially belly fat, a healthy diet and consistent exercise go hand in hand.

Read on to discover the top 10 foods to avoid eating to lose belly fat. 

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foods to avoid eating to lose belly fat

White Rice

If you’re truly determined to get your belly in shape, limiting your consumption of white rice is a must.

White rice = highly processed carbs = high probability of being stored in the belly as fat.

To be clear, for most people, whole-grain carbs are not bad.

It is highly processed carbs that are problematic.

So skip the white rice 90% of the time and switch to whole grain products and brown rice or quinoa instead. 

Pro tip: if you must eat white rice (I get it – life is short. yolo lol), mix in some whole grains with the rice. White rice mixed in with some white quinoa is actually quite tasty!


Crackers may come off as a good snack option, but they are actually high in simple carbohydrates, which can easily spike blood sugar levels and cause cravings.

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Diet Soda

Soda, both the regular and the diet version, isn’t great for you, and especially not for belly fat.

The empty calories and the artificial sweeteners will only mess up your hormone balance and encourage your body to store belly fat. 

Fruit Drinks

You might be surprised at how this one made it to a list of foods to avoid eating to lose belly fat.

Because – hey – fruit drinks are healthy right? Right. But only if they’re made in your kitchen – not the ones that undergo tons of processing, and come to you in a box.

The best form to eat fruit is in the whole form – so you enjoy the benefit of fiber.


Most types of alcohol, especially beer, are a no-no.

Several studies have found a strong link between alcohol and weight gain. If you’re struggling with belly fat, it’s a good idea to skip the alcohol.

White Bread

Just like white rice, white bread is another one of the foods to avoid eating to lose belly fat.

Being highly refined and packed with added sugar, it can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and put you at a higher risk of weight gain. 


Haha I can see you rolling your eyes HARD at this one.

Most cakes are calorie dense, and end up making you feel hungry in just a short while after you eat them, which is not something you would want if you’re planning to lose belly fat. 

Packaged Baking Mix

These are super convenient and help you save a lot of time, especially if you’re usually on a time crunch, but still want to eat home cooked meals.

Try to limit your use of these as much as you can- these preparations only add a lot of sugar and unhealthy additives to your body and offer close to zero nutritive value. 


Candy and candy bars may be your favorite go-to when a hunger pang hits, but you might want to consider looking for healthy snack options if you’re trying to lose belly fat.

These are, again, high in calories and low in nutrients.


Whether you grab a muffin along with your cup of coffee from a local cafe, or bake them yourself in your home, they aren’t great for you if you’re trying to stick to a healthy weight.

The reason these made it to the list of foods to avoid eating to lose belly fat is the fact that they’re packed with everything you don’t want to be eating- butter, sugar and refined flour.