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Fitness Myths 101: Soreness vs Foamrolling

Did you know people that foamroll get better results than those who don’t?

The reason is very simple.

Foamrolling helps the muscles heal quicker from the stress of exercise. People that foamroll recover faster and are able to perform at a consistently higher level.

The single most effective change you can add to your recovery is foamrolling. Period.

What is a foamroller?

A foam roller is a hard foam or plastic material that you use to massage your body after your workouts.

I recommend foamrolling for 5 minutes before bed – everytime you workout (especially if you did a lowerbody workout).

If you can do it for 10 minutes, that’s even better.

The point of foam rolling is to prevent your muscles from feeling sore the next day.

This allows you to complete more workouts with far less effort.

The greatest myth about soreness

A lot of people incorrectly think that soreness after a workout is a good thing because it is proof that they have worked out hard.

This is a myth.

If you don’t feel sore after your workout, it doesn’t mean your workout was ineffective.

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In fact your workouts are far more effective when you skip feeling sore.

How to foamroll

Ok. this is embarassing but there’s this ancient video of me foamrolling.

Don’t laugh. Just watch what i’m doing 😂

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