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Do Probiotics Help You Lose Weight? Yes or No

Today’s question is, ✨ do probiotics help you lose weight? ✨ the answer is yes!

Probiotics can help with weight loss in three specific ways.

The first way they can help with weight loss is by helping us to extract nutrients from the food that we eat.

When we extract nutrients from the food that we eat properly, it helps to curb hunger.

Basically, probioics help us to better manage our appetite – which can lead to weight loss

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Another Way Probiotics Help with Weight

Probiotics also help us to extract energy from the food that we eat.

So if you’re a person that loves carbs like me, you need those probiotics to actually extract energy from the carbs.

And hopefully we’re going to use that energy to do some Koboko Fitness workouts.

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Yet Another link between Probiotics & Weightloss

The third way that probiotics can really help us with weight loss is by helping us with mood management.

A lot of people, especially the people that work nine to five jobs at offices…

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May have a tendency to want to find comfort in a tub of ben and jerry’s

No judgment here…I’m just saying.

Taking probiotics can really help with mood management.

So that we’re more stable, generally happier, and don’t have a need to use food to medicate feelings of sadness, loneliness, purposelessness, lovelessness, whatever it is that’s going on.

What Probiotics DONT do when it comes to weightloss

Probiotics don’t directly cause weightloss by eating up our fat for us

I wish they did though!

I just wanted to make that clear so nobody runs out.

And buys up all the probiotics in Target thinking that it’s going to chew the fat away.

Probiotics help, but just not in that direct way

Wouldn’t it be great if probiotics ate fat like pacman ate those dots? 🙂

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Do Probiotics Help You Lose Weight? (Personal Experience)

I’d love to share some of my personal experience with this.

I have been taking probiotics religiously for at least two years straight.

In my case, I did not start taking probiotics for weight loss reasons.

I was taking them for general health reasons.

As a result, I did not lose weight directly from taking probiotics.

However, I did notice a significant improvement in my overall digestive health!

What You Should Know  (before taking probiotics for weight loss)

Before you go and buy these supplements, there is something else I really want to share.

It’s important to know which bacteria your own body is specifically missing

Yes, probiotics are bacteria.

When I first started taking probiotics, I just bought the one that looked the best.

Later on, I learned that I needed to take the ones that my body specifically needed

So how do you figure out which probiotics are right for you?

The only way I know is to go and take a gut test.

A good test will shows which bacteria you have too much of, too little of blah, blah, blah

And then when you are buying a probiotic supplement, look at the listed bacteria strains.

You want to buy a probiotic that has strains that you are missing (based on your gut health test result).,

I know it’s a lot of work to do this.

But, trust me, it is better to do that upfront work than to buy a probiotic that you don’t need.

Because it won’t produce the results you want.

There are thousands of different bacteria in our gut.

We don’t all have (or need) the same ones.

In case you’re wondering, the gut test that I took is called the GI Map test.

I recommend this testt with some hesitation because

1️⃣ It’s expensive

2️⃣ It’s difficult to understand if you don’t have a background in all of this stuff

Yet, it is very thorough. And it’s fun (at least for me)

I love experimenting and trying all these things out!

It was fun for me to take the test, read my results, and understand it on my own

I think there are less expensive gut testing options out there.

I intend to do some experimentation with them and possibly share my experience.

If you don’t want to do all that work to research probiotics, take tests and all that, you can simply just eat certain foods that have probiotics in them.

Probiotic Foods include

  • Yogurt
  • Keifer
  • Kombucha
  • Miso

And many more.

It’s just that, for me, I would rather just take a probiotic supplement that has exactly what I need and in large doses.

Yogurt is great and all but how many cups of yogurt am I going to have to eat to get the amount of bacteria that I want to have in my gut?

You know what I mean?

And also, much as I used to love keifer, it has a lot of sugar in it.

So if you’re a person that’s trying to manage your sugar intake, be careful of that.

Read your food labels and don’t fall victim to tricky marketing.

Extra Tips for Taking Probiotics

Remember: probiotics are the actual bacteria.

Now, in order to keep these probiotics alive, it’s important to also eat prebiotic foods.

Prebiotic foods are foods that are rich in fiber

A good way to remember this is: probiotics are the bugs

Prebiotics are food for the bugs

Prebiotic foods include things like fruits and vegetables.

Grandma was right. Eat your fruits and vegetables

And also, beans are really good because they have fiber.

The good bacteria in our gut live off of fiber.

So the more fiber you get in your diet, the more you’re feeding that good bacteria.

Meanwhile the “bad” bacteria in the gut feed off sugar.

This is why people say reduce your sugar, increase your fiber

It’s just to help with that balance.

Gut Health & Weight

There are so many studies that have been done now that associate imbalances in the gut with obesity.

I mean, the research is still young.

It’s not clear whether obesity is causing gut imbalances.

Or if the imbalances are causing obesity.

But there is that correlation there.

In anycase, it’s really good for overall health, energy, hunger, mood to have a really good balance of gut bacteria.

So, long story short, yes, probiotics are awesome for weight loss, but maybe not in the way that we want.

Meaning – not in the way of attacking the actual fat and eating it up.

But I definitely recommend either getting a probiotic supplement and / or eating more probiotic foods.

After everything I’ve shared, you might still choose to just buy the most popular probiotic brand and just shoot your shot.

And um, I can’t fault you for that tbh. 🙃

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Do Probiotics Help You Lose Weight? : Video

Do Probiotics Help You Lose Weight? TLDR (summary 🙂)

  1. Probiotics can help with weight loss by helping with appetite, energy, and mood
  2. Do a gut test before starting probiotics (if possible)
  3. Eat prebiotic foods like fruits, vegetables, and beans

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