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10 Reasons Fat Goes to the Belly When Growing the Glutes

Today’s dilemma:

I’m 21 years old and underweight so I went on a calorie surplus while doing booty workout to gain a booty but instead it all went to my belly. Meanwhile I also did a lot of ab workout to get rid of the tiny belly I did have. It really upsets me because I’ve always had a small waist and stomach until now.

What can I do to fix this now that I only have belly and still no booty? Should I stick to cardio then focus on booty workouts?

*WHOO* this is a big one.

First of all, I just want to say that I’m really sorry that this happened to you.

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I’m sure it is so upsetting to work hard for one goal and get something totally unexpected.

I TOTALLY understand how upsetting this feels.

Your question is focused on what to do about the issue. I like that.

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I like that you are focused on taking action.

I also want to remind you that no effort invested in physical activity is ever wasted.

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You may not have gotten the exact results you were looking for – but

  • You got stronger
  • You tried something new
  • And, most importantly, you took action toward something you want

The effort itself is something to celebrate.

Not to mention that you are beautiful – regardless of how your belly looks.

Have you seen my belly after I eat lunch? It’s HUGE!

So – don’t be too hard on yourself.

Also, gaining some belly fat in the process of growing the butt is perfectly normal. It is an expected part of the process. This is why most people need to do a “cut” after growing their booty to the size they want.

Okay that being said, let’s get you some SOLUTIONS!

Here’s how this post is going to go.

  1. What is a Caloric surplus?
  2. Why would anyone want to gain weight?
  3. 10 things that can go wrong in the weight gain process
  4. Ideas on what to do next

Let’s dig in.

What is a Caloric Surplus?

Caloric surplus means eating slightly more food than usual with the intention to gain weight. For most women, the goal is to gain weight in the lowerbody area.

well, that was easy. NEXT!

Why Would Anyone Want to Gain Weight?

There are many reasons for wanting a bigger butt.

For example
1. Aesthetic reasons
You want a nice belfie.  You want to look like a full meal in your jeans

2. Competitive reasons
You’re taking part in sports or other athletic activities

3. Health reasons
You want to prevent knee pain, back pain etc.

In my opinion, any reason is valid as long as it comes from a healthy, loving, positive place.


10 Factors That Can Cause Belly Fat Instead of Booty Growth

Okay so let’s talk about the factors that can cause belly fat instead of the intended booty pop! – er sorry, I mean growth.

    1. Too much of a caloric surplus
    2. Incorrect use of weights
    3. Incorrect exercise volume
    4. Incorrect exercises
    5. Insufficient or inaccurate tracking of progress
    6. Too much rest
    7. Too little rest
    8. Insufficient protein
    9. Insufficient carbs
    10. Insufficient progressive overload

Basically, there are MANY variables involved.

Every single one of them should be considered and accounted for in a well designed weight gain / butt growth plan.

Otherwise, the results of any attempt to gain weight can be rather unexpected.

Note: genetics are also a factor but there is nothing you can do about that. I always prefer to focus on things that are within a person’s control (a.k.a meals and exercise).


How to Lose Belly Fat & Grow the Glutes

Okay – let’s talk about ideas of what to do next.

First – I cannot give any advice on what this reader should do specifically because I do not have any information on their prior history.

However, I strongly recommend speaking with a therapist, doctor, or other healthcare professional to get at the root cause of the initial state of being underweight. 

Your overall health and wellbeing is the most important thing.

The list below is general advice that is suitable for the average healthy adult and should definitely be modified to suit individual needs and preferences.

1. Have grace for yourself
Remember what I said in the beginning. YOU ARE STILL A FREAKING GODDESS OF IMMEASURABLE WORTH EVEN WITH A LITTLE EXTRA BELLY FAT. OKAY? okay i’ll stop yelling now

2. Confirm your actual results
Gaining some belly fat in the process of growing the butt is perfectly normal. Check your progress pictures (or numbers) depending on how you’re tracking your results to see what actually happened.

How much belly fat has actually accumulated? How much growth has actually happened in the booty area?

Sometimes, you *feel* you have made no progress but then you look at the progress pictures (or numbers) and are shook by how much you’ve actually progressed.

Depending on what you find out from *checking* your numbers (or photos), it might be smart to carry on with your weight gain or make some changes as noted in the next point.

3. If you decide to carry on with your weight gain…
Make sure you spend PLENTY of time researching each of the 10 points listed above to understand what is required.

(This post will never end if I include all that info here)

OR get on a well designed booty program that is suitable for your fitness level. This is a home-based one.

4. If you decide to stop the weight gain…
Switch focus to maintaining muscle all over your body (this means continuing to do the resistance exercises you were doing to gain weight).

Get into a slight caloric deficit with your meals (200 calories deficit is doable for most people). Add a little bit of cardio if you need it to get into this caloric deficit. This will “cut” the fat off your body (note: the fat will come off from various parts of your body in a very clear order that is determined by your genetics).

Depending on where you currently are, it won’t hurt to also do some ab / core exercises to strengthen and tone the area.

Don’t go overboard, exercising for hours everyday or trying to exercise twice a day.

30 – 45 minutes is PLENTY of exercise for one day.

Track your results in the way that works best for you (body fat percentage, photos, tape measure, etc.)

Also – focus on eating healthy, nourishing, full meals and loving yourself because you are so worth it! <3


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