This is a Really Easy Stomach Exercise

This fitness vlog features a very easy stomach exercise routine.

4 stomach exercises in 15 minutes and you’re done.

I was able to do these stomach exercises while my son took a nap. They’re that quick and easy.

Easy Stomach Exercise Set 

  1. Situps 
  2. Hundreds 
  3. Crunches 
  4. Heel taps

I did 15 reps of each exercise and 7 sets total. 

Be sure to watch the video if you want to see how I did these or search youtube for tutorials on how to do them correctly.

I find that my stomach exercises are much more effective when I pay attention to my form and ensure that I execute as close to perfection as possible. x

Fitness Vlog: At Home Ab Workout for Beginners

I always love to be able to put up a fitness vlog at least once a week. 

These types of videos not only show you the workouts that I’m doing, but they also show you snippets of my life and the good (and bad) habits that have gotten me to this point. 

In today’s fitness vlog, I’m focusing on my abs. 

I’m doing this because, like I mentioned before, I have lost all of my baby weight. 

I am now back to my pre-pregnancy size. 

Now, I’m just working on restoring strength to the good ol muscles that fought the good fight of keeping my baby inside my body for a solid 40 weeks! haha it’s crazy even to me as I type that. Anyway, on to the vlog. 

Exercises in this Fitness Vlog – Home Ab Workout 

You’ll see two sets of ab workouts in this fitness vlog. 

The first ab workout contains the following exercises:

  1. Situps
  2. Sitting twists (aka russian twists)
  3. Reverse crunches
  4. Flutter kicks
  5. Leg raises
  6. Raised leg circles

For each of these ab exercises, I did 10 reps, 7 sets, 2 minutes of rest between each set.

Making 70 total reps of each exercise. YIKES! That sounds like A LOT of work but in reality, it really didn’t feel like it. 

Taking a break between sets really helps. It also helped to listen to some mind-pumping music on my Spotify to keep the adrenaline going. 

Side note: to be honest, I don’t always listen to music when I workout.

99% of the time, I’m listening to Motivational Speeches where they tell me I’m the shnizit and a bag of chips. Don’t judge me. You gotta do what you gotta do to get through these ab workouts! 

The second set of exercises in this fitness vlog are as follows:

  1. Plank leg raises
  2. Body saw
  3. Side planks
  4. Up and down planks

For each of these ab exercises, I did a minimum of 10 reps each, 7 sets, with 2 minutes between sets. 

Quick note on the up and down planks: the last time I did this exercise, I ended up bruising my elbows on the carpet.

So if you’re doing them, I highly recommend either a nice plush blanket or using an exercise mat. 


Flatter Belly Workout (Naija Woman Approved)

get a flatter belly with this HIIT ab workout for nigerian women on nigerian fitness blog

This is a really good workout if you want a flatter belly.

I intend to focus more intensely on my belly area later in the year. Right now, I’m not too focused on getting a flatter belly so I don’t do too many exercises specifically targeting my core.

Nevertheless, this particular ab routine is considered to be HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). So I’d encourage you to look into it if your goal is to ultimately have a flatter belly.

Here’s a link to Darebee where this workout is listed under 30 Days of HIIT (day 21).

In addition to doing the planks in this video, here are some other common exercises that can help you reach your ab goals faster:

  1. Crunches
  2. Situps
  3. Bicycles
  4. Leg raises
  5. Running
  6. Cycling
  7. Swimming
  8. Russian twists
  9. Flutter kicks

I love using Darebee as a guide for most of my workouts because the site is very clean and simple to navigate. Be sure to check them out.

What’s your favorite exercise to tone up your abs?