How to Make French Toast – The Healthiest Recipe

how to make french toast healthy recipe nigerian fitness blog

I’ve always wondered how to make french toast – the real way. However, I’ve never quite been curious enough to find out. So, this is probably isn’t how French people make their French toast. I mean, is French toast even really French? Anyway, this is how I regularly make my French toast. My focus in … Read more

How to Make “Stop and Go” Wraps

"stop and go" wrap

A “stop and go” wrap is what you eat when you need to eat healthy but you’re too tired to get fancy.  I typically eat this in the evenings. To my surprise, it has been a hit in our home.  This “stop and go” wrap recipe is so easy. You’ll be wondering why you don’t … Read more

How to Make a Giant Jumbo Salad!

giant jumbo salad

The giant jumbo salad is for people that hate wasting time. It’s simple, quick, and doesn’t promise the world.  It’s a very basic salad but is tasty, clean, and oh so delicious! When you see the ingredients, you’ll understand why even a toddler can make this salad in 5 minutes.  Okay, maybe a toddler can’t … Read more

How to Make Homemade Cookies that Taste Like Chips Ahoy

There is only one thing better than figuring out how to make homemade cookies. And that is, figuring out how to make homemade cookies that are healthy and delicious! I really don’t know where to start explaining how much I love this recipe.  [sociallocker] For starters, these homemade cookies contain: NO sugar NO butter NO eggs … Read more

Look: Healthy Beans Recipe in the Form of Cookies!

This healthy beans recipe is so beautiful. I stumbled upon it while researching how to make the healthiest (and most delicious) Nigerian cookies on earth! While these cookies haven’t quite reached my criteria for what I would consider to be my absolute BEST Nigerian cookies, they are really good. Also, my husband (who has such a … Read more