"stop and go" wrap

How to Make “Stop and Go” Wraps

A "stop and go" wrap is what you eat when you need to eat healthy but you're too tired to get fancy. 

I typically eat this in the evenings.

To my surprise, it has been a hit in our home. 

This "stop and go" wrap recipe is so easy.

You'll be wondering why you don't have it on rotation in your family's meal plan.
Stop and Go Wr...

giant jumbo salad

How to Make a Giant Jumbo Salad!

The giant jumbo salad is for people that hate wasting time.

It's simple, quick, and doesn't promise the world. 

It's a very basic salad but is tasty, clean, and oh so delicious!

When you see the ingredients, you'll understand why even a toddler can make this salad in 5 minutes. 

Okay, maybe a toddler can't make it but you get ...