Do you want to succeed?

Mom life is tough. Between work and kids, it’s hard to find time or motivation to workout. But I have a story for you that will inspire you. Meet Lynae, a mom who found the time and motivation to workout. She was tired of feeling like she couldn’t do it. So she decided to make … Read more

What would you do for your health? 💦

Weightloss is a big project that is hard to start until motivation comes along. This video tells the story of Tabitha who understands this well. It can be difficult to start a workout routine (even if we want to) because life gets in the way. Tabitha had one rule: “Don’t quit”, or else she wouldn’t … Read more

Karen’s Story

Maybe you’re in the process of getting back in shape. Has it been a while and you want to make a change? You can do it! I know how hard it is to get started again. But I’ve seen so many people like you start and see amazing results! Have you heard about Karen? She … Read more

Have You Heard of Johana?

Have you heard of Johana? Well, you need to. Johana is stronger, healthier and leaner because of her hard work! She found out the power of consistency with her workouts. And her efforts paid off. Watch the video to see her commitment and progress.

Meet Linette, she lost 12lbs

I’m so excited to share the story of one of my favorite KokoPuffs, Linette. She has already seen incredible results by sticking to her workouts. She told me that losing weight is a goal. But what matters most is the mental health she’s gained from being consistent in her exercise routine. Koboko Fitness has become … Read more

Beatriz is awesome!

I know you’re busy, but I wanted to let you know about this amazing woman. Her name is Beatriz, and she’s incredible. She’s super consistent, super energized, and just amazing. You can see her getting better and better in every workout. Like she’s really realizing how much she’s capable of! She was always smiling and … Read more

Lavonda is a Pro!

I just wanted to tell you about my friend, Lavonda. She started working out with me and the results have been amazing! She’s more confident, she’s happier, she eats less junk food, and she’s more motivated than ever. Lavonda has found so much energy in herself with these workouts, she has ZERO excuses when it … Read more