How Many Times a Week Should YOU Workout?

how many times a week you should workout

You guys really want to know how many times a week you should workout. Here is my shortest, simplest, most importantest answer. Yup. Just made that word up. lol But seriously, here’s the answer. You “should” workout 5 days a week. BUT this is obviously not realistic for most people (myself included). You have class, … Read more

10 Min Lower Body Workout You Need to Try (+ Free Printable)

This lower body workout is a great addition to any healthy lifestyle! The workout is structured so that you start by working your thighs. Yes, squats are included! (sorry! :D) Once we’re done killing working your thighs, we move on to target the glutes. A.K.A your BOOTAY, your RUM SHAKER, your MONEY MAKER. Too much?! Okay. … Read more