3 Best of the Best Nigerian Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

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There are so many Nigerian fitness Instagram accounts that are completely killing it lately! I’m seeing people posting healthy meals, fitness routines, before and after photos, meal preps, and on and on. It’s amazing. This list only includes 3 Nigerian fitness Instagram accounts to give you a taste of what is out there. [sociallocker] If you have … Read more

How to Choose a Gym: Everything You Really Need to Know

how to choose a gym nigerian fitness blog lose weight flat tummy

These are the most important factors to consider when you want to choose a gym. Cost Convenience Equipment Availability of group classes Child-care Other users Staff Security Your goals Regardless of whether you live in Nigeria or abroad, this list will help you to make sure that you’re making the best choice. So let’s break … Read more

Look: Healthy Beans Recipe in the Form of Cookies!

This healthy beans recipe is so beautiful. I stumbled upon it while researching how to make the healthiest (and most delicious) Nigerian cookies on earth! While these cookies haven’t quite reached my criteria for what I would consider to be my absolute BEST Nigerian cookies, they are really good. Also, my husband (who has such a … Read more