How to Make a Tomavocado Chicken Sandwich

tomavocado chicken sandwich

This tomavocado chicken sandwich is the mother of inspiration. It’s a sandwich that you can make and decorate so that people think you put in effort when you really didn’t. I think this is becoming a theme here – quick delicious recipes that are also healthy. Anyway, I stumbled on these sandwiches on a whim … Read more

How to Make French Toast – The Healthiest Recipe

how to make french toast healthy recipe nigerian fitness blog

I’ve always wondered how to make french toast – the real way. However, I’ve never quite been curious enough to find out. So, this is probably isn’t how French people make their French toast. I mean, is French toast even really French? Anyway, this is how I regularly make my French toast. My focus in … Read more

How to Make “Stop and Go” Wraps

"stop and go" wrap

A “stop and go” wrap is what you eat when you need to eat healthy but you’re too tired to get fancy.  I typically eat this in the evenings. To my surprise, it has been a hit in our home.  This “stop and go” wrap recipe is so easy. You’ll be wondering why you don’t … Read more

How to Make a Giant Jumbo Salad!

giant jumbo salad

The giant jumbo salad is for people that hate wasting time. It’s simple, quick, and doesn’t promise the world.  It’s a very basic salad but is tasty, clean, and oh so delicious! When you see the ingredients, you’ll understand why even a toddler can make this salad in 5 minutes.  Okay, maybe a toddler can’t … Read more