Beatriz is awesome!

I know you’re busy, but I wanted to let you know about this amazing woman. Her name is Beatriz, and she’s incredible. She’s super consistent, super energized, and just amazing. You can see her getting better and better in every workout. Like she’s really realizing how much she’s capable of! She was always smiling and … Read more

New Week, New Energy!

Did you know that when you exercise, you increase the blood flow throughout your body? Your post-workout glow will make you look more radiant and leave you looking and feeling great. So let’s get your heart and lungs working more efficiently. Let’s get you more energy to meet the demands of your life. Let’s dive … Read more

Lavonda is a Pro!

I just wanted to tell you about my friend, Lavonda. She started working out with me and the results have been amazing! She’s more confident, she’s happier, she eats less junk food, and she’s more motivated than ever. Lavonda has found so much energy in herself with these workouts, she has ZERO excuses when it … Read more

Time To Nail Your Fitness Goals!

I’m so glad that I can help you create a workout routine that fits your unique needs. I’m grateful that you are choosing me to encourage you to achieve your goals. And to help you push through tough times. So if you’re ready, it’s time to nail your fitness goals and crush this week’s workouts! … Read more

Doubting Yourself?

Are you doubting yourself? We all do sometimes. This is why we need people like Olayinka. She is here to remind us of the stuff we are made of! Watch the video to see all the incredible changes she saw by doing her Koboko Fitness workouts 🙌 😄

Are You Making These Exercise Mistakes?

Not warming up or cooling down? Not stretching? Not taking time to rest and recover? Well, now that you’ve got me, you’re not going to make these mistakes again. You and I will exercise together correctly, and these workouts will leave you feeling energized and ready to go again! Start your free trial today Here’s … Read more


Want more strength to get through your day? Need more endurance to stop getting tired quickly? Well, you gotta workout with Koboko Fitness 😆 See Alexa achieve these exact results in her video!