Weekly Workouts

Have you ever been frustrated on your fitness journey? I know I have. The key I’ve learned is to focus on just showing up. I know that if i show up, I will either get the result i want or i will learn something that will help me get the result I want. Show up … Read more

Tuesday Tea

Fitness goals can be intimidating! I’ve found that the secret is to just start. Start where you are. It’s all you can do. And it’s the right thing to do. It’s time to start your healthy lifestyle. Start your free trial today Here’s the Premium workout schedule for this week 💪 Monday: Burn Fat with … Read more

Monday Motivation – Amazing Progress! 💪

There’s nothing like watching Tabitha putting in 100% effort.Watch her video to see how she just kept showing up everyday to build consistency in her workout routine.It’s not easy at all to do this.I am so inspired watching her tear up all these workouts.💪

3 Home Workout Mistakes to Avoid

Home workouts are amazing! They can help you reach your goals – booty goals, belly fat loss goals, overall fitness goals. However, there are some cautionary tips that are good to know when engaging in any home workout regimen. Read on for the 3 home workout mistakes to avoid on your way to a fitter, … Read more

Fitness Myths 101: Soreness vs Foamrolling

Did you know people that foamroll get better results than those who don’t? The reason is very simple. Foamrolling helps the muscles heal quicker from the stress of exercise. People that foamroll recover faster and are able to perform at a consistently higher level. The single most effective change you can add to your recovery … Read more

7 Worst Healthy Habits You Need to Stop

worst healthy eating habits

Note this post is for my more advanced readers! If you are a beginner or you are not really deep into fitness – please don’t read this post! I don’t want to scare you away. In this post, I am talking to the people that are consistent with working out and eating clean and they … Read more