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3 Awesome Resistance Band Exercises for Glutes (+ Extra Video)

Here are some of my favorite resistance band exercises for glutes.

They are a lifesaver if you prefer to workout at home.

With the help of resistance bands, you can get almost the same results as people that go to the gym.

The best part?

You also won’t have to pay for a gym membership.

Of course, I have nothing against gyms.

I actually have a gym membership now.

Yet, I still prefer to workout at home sometimes.

The comfort of working out at home just can’t be beat.

Notes on this Resistance Band Workout

This particular resistance band workout is specifically targeting the side butt.

That is, the area where hip dips are most prominent.

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As previously discussed, hip dips are TOTALLY NORMAL.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with trying to smooth them out if you so desire.

You can add this resistance band glute workout when the bodyweight version gets too easy for you.

Exercise List: Resistance Band Glute Workout

Here’s the list of exercises included in this workout.

 I love including this list and pictures for those who are reading this post but aren’t in a place where they can watch the video.

When you’re ready, scroll to the end to do it with me in the video!

  1. Side Steps (30 seconds)
  2. Fire Hydrants (30 seconds per leg)
  3. Side Leg Raises (30 seconds per leg)

Rest for 1 minute, then repeat for a total of 2 sets.

Exercise Visuals: Resistance Band Glute Workout

  1. Side Steps

Woman in pink doing side steps and squats

Place the resistance band above your knees.

Put your hands together and your feet more than shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend your knees and push your butt out.

Start the workout by placing your right foot to the right side, then follow with your left foot.

Make the biggest side step you possibly can.

Next, place your left foot to the left side, followed by your right foot.

Again, be sure to take the biggest possible side step.

Repeat the last two steps for 30 seconds.

The key factor here is that you should feel the resistance band preventing you from taking a big step to the side.

This resistance is important since it pushes your muscles to work harder which, in turn, helps improve hip dips.

  1. Fire Hydrants

Woman in pink doing fire hydrant exercise

Prepare your yoga mat on the floor.

Next, put on the resistance band on your knees.

Get on down on all fours on the mat.

Your hands should be shoulder-width apart, and your knees should be hip-width apart.

Bring your left leg out to the side. Make sure to stretch the resistance band as much as you can.

Repeat this for 30 seconds.

Once you’re done, focus on the right side. Bring your right knee out to side, stretching the resistance band as much as possible.

Again, repeat this for 30 seconds.

This is one of my most favorite resistance band exercises not just because it’s effective but also because of its clever name.

If you’ve ever since a dog near a fire hydrant, you’ll know what I mean!

But in all seriousness: the workout might have a funny name, but it’s greatly effective in toning your glutes.

  1. Side Leg Raises

Woman doing Side leg raises

For this workout, you’ll need to get a sturdy, high-backed chair.

You’ll be using this to support yourself and maintain your balance.

Stand behind the chair with your feet close together, then place your hands on the back of the chair.

To start the workout, raise your left leg to the side, bringing your foot as high up as it can go.

Lower your left foot back to starting position.

Do this for 30 seconds.

Repeat this process on your right leg, again making sure to bring your right foot as high as possible. Do it for 30 seconds as well.

I’m using ankle weights to throw in some variety but you can totally do this with resistance bands as well

These are my ankle weights.

3 Tips for Using Resistance Bands

  1. Know how to safely use resistance bands

Before you perform resistance band exercises, do a visual inspection and see if the band has any cuts, cracks, discoloration, and other flaws.

These indicate that the resistance band might be weak enough to snap in half.

This can cause serious injuries, so be sure the band is in excellent shape before using it!

If you notice the issues above, replace your resistance band with a new one right away.

Another thing: as I’ve mentioned above, you’ll want to feel some pressure while doing resistance band exercises.

But make sure not to stress yourself too much.

If you’re having trouble performing the exercises, lower the resistance.

Once it gets too easy, increase the resistance again.

Slow and steady is good 🙂

  1. Clean your band properly

Since your resistance band will get sweaty during your workouts, you’ll definitely want to clean it afterwards.

But avoid using soap or cleaning chemicals.

These may degrade the latex in the band and make it weaker.

To care for your resistance band, simply wipe it down after each use with a clean, damp cloth.

Also, keep your band away from direct sunlight and heat sources like appliances.

These can affect the quality of your resistance band.

  1. Pair resistance band exercises with other workouts

To see better results, you’ll want to pair the exercises above with other types of workouts.

One of the best options is squats.

Check out this Squat Challenge to get inspiration.

If you want to improve not just your hip dips but your entire butt, follow this 10 Day Butt Workout Plan.

It’s designed to tone all the muscles in that area and help you have a beautiful bubble butt!

Of course, aside from doing exercises, you’ll want to improve your diet as well. This weight loss meal plan will help you get started.

However, if your goal is to be curvier, you’ll have to focus on these weight gain tips and secrets.

I hope you’ve found all these tips and details helpful!

Now, onto the workout video.

Video: Resistance Band Glute Workout

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