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5 Attractive Fitness Apps for Working Out at Home

There is nothing quite like having the right fitness apps for working out at home.

The right app will:

  1. Encourage you to push harder 
  2. Praise you when you hit a milestone 
  3. Remind you why you started 
  4. Be easy to use
  5. Look good

Yes, it must look good.

You don’t want a sad-looking app when you’re sweating and regretting all the puff puff from last weekend. 

That’s why I love these particular apps. 

They have been all of these things and so much more in helping me lose 30 pounds in 6 months.


My Best fitness apps for working out at home

best fitness apps for working out at homeSpotify

I have Spotify premium.

But better believe I’m not paying premium price for it.

Did you know that students get Spotify for 50%off? I sure didn’t.

The day I found out, I think I got out of my chair and did shoki.

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If you know somebody that is still in college, use their email address to sign up and you only pay $4.99 per month. 

Totally worth it if you ask me.

Spotify premium helps me immensely with my workouts!

Specifically, I have a playlist with really motivational speeches that I play when I’m doing exercises for my abs

Maybe it’s just me but I love having a nice deep voice in my earphones, telling me how dope I am while I suffer through crunches and situps. 

You can follow this playlist on Spotify for some really good fitness motivation pep talks 

A similar alternative is YouTube. Just search “motivational speeches for working out” or something similar. 

Lots of good results will come up.best fitness apps for working out at home_endomondo


My husband uses Endomondo to track his running in our area.

While I don’t personally use it (because I don’t like any exercise that requires me to leave the house), I do think it’s pretty cool.

It definitely belongs on any list of good fitness apps for working out at home (or, more accurately, near home)

Voice Counting to 100 (VC100)best apps for working out at home_vc100 voice counting to 100

VC100 is great for exercises that involve counting reps.

I find that when I’m doing situps or jumping jacks, I prefer to take my mind away from the workout and think of fun things. 

It’s kind of hard to do that if I have to count my reps.

Cue VC100.

This app does the counting for me, so I can focus on just doing the exercise while dreaming of my next vacation. 

The biggest drawback to this app though is that I can’t listen to Spotify on my phone while using it. 

My solution? Play Spotify on the computer while using VC100 on my phone. #firstworldproblems

Interval Timer

One of the biggest keys to helping me lose weight this year was High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

However, similar to the situation above, I found it tedious to jump up and down while also counting.

Interval Timer worked perfectly for helping me time my HIIT workouts.good fitness app for working out at home

I was also pleasantly surprised that it stored a history of my workouts.

If I ever want to repeat the HIIT program I did this year, I can just go back to the app and start from day 1. 

The drawback I experienced with this Interval Timer app is that it’s not immediately intuitive to use for beginners. 

In fact, the first time I downloaded it, I couldn’t figure out how to use it and ended up deleting it out of frustration.

I couldn’t find a different app that did what I wanted so I re-downloaded it and was very glad that I did. 

Carrot the Talking Calorie Appbest apps for working out at home_carrot

Do you want a fitness app that will insult you if you mess up?

Yes? Then  Carrot is for you.

I downloaded it and found it quite hilarious.

Carrot didn’t help me during my workouts but I did find it useful for motivating me to workout in the first place. 

Basically, if I ate more than I planned to eat and I made the mistake of telling carrot, it would insult me until I found myself on the treadmill.

What are Your Favorite Fitness Apps for Working Out at Home?

I hope you enjoyed this list.

I’m curious. 

What fitness apps do you currently have on your phone? Do leave a comment below!

Also, be sure to share this post on Facebook. I hope it helps as many women as possible.


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