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Avoid Booty Mistakes: The Ultimate Squats Checklist

Avoid Booty Mistakes: The Ultimate Squats Checklist

Whether you’re trying to get your lower body toned or just get that bubble butt, you know squats are almost unavoidable.

But wait! Before you get started, give this a quick read!

I’ve outlined the possible mistakes you could make while doing squats- it’s the ultimate squats checklist to keep you going! 

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Do It in Front Of a Mirror

This little trick can prove to be incredibly helpful if you’re someone who has wobbly knees, or have back pain issues. You probably tried squatting a few times, and maybe you experienced a bit of knee pain or back pain, and are reconsidering squats already. 

Wait up! Don’t give up so easily!

Do your squats in front of a mirror, and make sure your posture is correct. If you’re experiencing knee or back pain while squatting, make sure your legs are straight when you squat and your knee is in line with your foot- not turned inward. 

Another easy way to make sure you don’t do this is to avoid weight lifting in the initial stages of your workout routine. First, make sure your form is right, and then move ahead with weightlifting (if you want to). 

Make Sure Your Knees Don’t Go Too Far Past Your Toes

Most squat exercises (and physical trainers) might tell you that you need to make sure your knees don’t go past your toes when you squat, and that’s good advice.

But for some people, this can be physically impossible.

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For instance, if someone has long legs, their knees will definitely go past their toes when they squat. 

So it is actually okay if your knees go just a little past of your toes while you squat. Just make sure it’s not too far past your toes.

If you’re looking to get this right, here’s a quick tip. Before you bend down, hinge your hips a bit outward and ahead- as if you were sitting on a chair, and then take your body down.  

Don’t Go On Your Toes When You Squat

This one’s another big mistake that a lot of new ‘squatters’ make, and that’s the exact reason why this one has made it to this ultimate squats checklist.

Make sure your feet are flat on the ground, and that you aren’t getting your entire body weight on your toes while you squat. 

A great way to ensure that you get this right is to do your squat slowly and correctly. This will also help strengthen your thigh muscles, which will help those wobbly knees. 

It is super super important to make sure your squats are correct. If they aren’t you’re literally wasting your time. You won’t be able to see the results that you’ve been wanting to see, even after all the effort you’ve put in.

Follow these actionable tips and tricks mentioned in this ultimate squats checklist, and you’ll dramatically improve the quality of your training!