The Power of Empowering Others

Dalazia is a wonderful influence on her family. Her goal was to model healthy habits in the household. She made fitness a family goal. And in the process, Dalazia has changed and inspired so many of us. Thank you, Dalazia, for stepping up to be a great example. Take a look at how hard she … Read more

Knowing Your True Value

It wasn’t easy for Dinah to go on this journey. There were people that didn’t believe in her 🙁 But that didn’t stop her. She reached her goals. She stayed focused, made a change, and kept going. The key was that she knew WHY she was working so hard. I’m very proud of Dinah for … Read more

Importance of Consistent Workouts

Talisa shared that her secret to getting results was consistency! The more consistent she was, the easier and faster the results! Talisa stayed motivated, accountable, and on track. She committed to her workout routine every day. Talisa’s hard work paid off and you can be inspired by her journey right now! Take a peek at … Read more

Helping Mom’s Achive Health Goals

Yuri has always been a super momma! Yuri knows that she must take care of herself. So she can be there for her kids. And she takes this very seriously (as she should!). That’s when she started being a Kokopuff! She struggled but brought her best effort to each workout. She showed that the dedication … Read more

Positive Changes In Your Life

Julie didn’t start her journey to impress anybody. Instead, she focused on the daily task of crushing her workouts. It didn’t take long for her to notice a difference in herself physically and mentally. So, she stuck to her workouts and didn’t quit. Imagine her surprise when people started noticing the changes too. They noticed … Read more

eat with me (noodles)

Did you know that I can eat a whole burger in 3 minutes flat? No joke 😂 And did you know that slow eaters are 42% less likely to suffer from obesity than fast eaters? Look, I can never be a “slow eater” but I’m trying to be more mindful. Do you want to be … Read more

Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever struggled to lose weight and maintain it? Maybe you can relate to Surnaina’s story. Things were quite tough at first. But everything changed once she found the perfect balance of working out. She focused on exercises with no equipment. She paid special attention to nourishing foods. She stuck with the fitness plan … Read more