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10 Minute Flat Stomach & Abs Workout at Home (full video)

Do you need an abs workout / flat stomach workout at home?

This routine is basically perfect in my opinion.

When combined with a proper diet, it can help you:

  • Look better in your bikini
  • Get nice, toned abs
  • Wear clothes that you actually want to wear (not just the ones that fit!)

I know because this ab workout is one of my personal favorites to do.

You can even follow along with me in the video below.

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Flat Stomach and Abs Workout at Home: Video


Flat Stomach Workout: Exercise List

Here’s the list of exercises included in the video.

I like to include this in case you want to quickly skim through.

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This way you can quickly look and see that you can totally do this workout at home!

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with no breaks!

  1. Crunches
  2. Bicycles
  3. Leg drops
  4. Single leg drops
  5. Reverse crunches
  6. Elbow plank
  7. Mountain Climbers
  8. Elbow plank
  9. Crunches with legs raised
  10. Single leg drops
  11. Scissors
  12. Bicycles
  13. Right side plank
  14. Left side plank

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My Experience with this Abs Workout at Home

abs workout at home for a flat stomach
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Up until this year, I’d never seen my abs in my whole life.

Like, never.

What you see in this video is the best that my abs have ever looked in my entire life.

I know I still don’t have Victoria Secret abs but everybody has to start somewhere right? 🙂

I’m still working on my abs but I’ve come a long long way from where I started.

So, put on your cute workout leggings and let us begin.

Sexy abs, here we come!

Flat Stomach / Abs Workout at Home: 3 Tips for Success

abs workout at home tips for a flat stomach flat tummy

1. Diet

Don’t worry. I’m not asking you to go on a diet.

But, a good healthy diet is very important for seeing results.

This abs workout at home will help you shape, sculpt, and strengthen your abs.

There is only one problem.

You will not be able to see your shapely, sculpted, strong abs if there is fat covering it up.

So, try to eat the right number of calories and follow this advice and this advice if you’re trying to lose weight.

Trust me, it will help you to see results quicker.

2. Goals

Make sure you think about what your goal is.

For me, my goal is to see 4 packs when I flex my abs.

Your goal is probably different but you need a goal.

Your goal will:

  1. Keep you motivated when you want to say “ahhh screw it!” and eat one more cupcake.
  2. Encourage you when it hurts to continue.
  3. Increase your chances of getting the best results!

So make sure you set an achievable goal to help you enjoy all of these benefits

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3. Consistency

Finally, the key to seeing results with this abs workout at home is consistency.

I know. I know.

You’ve heard it before but it’s true!!!

You gotta keep at it, girl.

Don’t lose focus.

Don’t be discouraged.

I try to post workouts regularly so that you know that you are not alone.

I’m right there working out along with you.

Subscribe to my newsletter and workout with me as often as possible! xo

The result of this flat stomach workout is amazing. You will love it because it is easy to follow the video

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  1. I love this workout! But I have to pause and take a small break every now and then…will I still see results?

    • Hi Amanda! Yay! I’m glad you like it. Yes, short breaks are absolutely fine and you will still results as long as you stay consistent and you’re eating healthy 🙂

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