Koboko Fitness is a food and fitness blog for Nigerian women.

Get the Body You Need to Achieve Your Destiny

When you come to Koboko Fitness, I hope you always leave with something that will move you just a little bit closer to your fitness goals. 

You’ll find all sorts of Nigerian treats that have been tweaked to make them healthier and better for you. 

You’ll find workouts that can fit quickly and easily into your busy schedule. 

You’ll find images that will inspire you. Resources that will equip you. And encouragement that will keep you going.

When you come to Koboko Fitness, the hope is that you feel safe, refreshed, and empowered to love the body that you’re in while working toward the body that you want to be in. 

Eat well, live well, and love the body you’re in.

About the Editor

HI! My name is Kola, and i’m the Editor here.

I’m a Consulting industry survivor, under cover lover of all things pastel, and a proud devotee to General Tsos chicken. 

Koboko Fitness began in my heart in 2010 but I never had the courage to follow through until my beautiful son was born in 2016.

about koboko fitness

40 weeks of pregnancy did things to my body that I didn’t know were possible.

before and after pregnancy nigerian

It was the first time in my life that I looked at any part of my body and thought “i have to change that!

Well, actually, there was the one time that I seriously considered a boob job but that’s a different story.

I started working diligently on getting back into shape. I started applying what I knew about nutrition and fitness. And also listening to (and respecting) my body. 

Slowly but surely, I started seeing results.



Since these pictures were taken, I’ve

  • Documented my post pregnancy weight loss plan
  • Earned my certificate in Health and Nutrition from Stanford University
  • Spent a lot of time dreaming of what Koboko Fitness can be

My conclusion is that Koboko Fitness is a hub for every Nigerian woman to find everything she needs for all things fitness and nutrition.

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