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7 Worst Healthy Habits You Need to Stop

Note this post is for my more advanced readers!

If you are a beginner or you are not really deep into fitness – please don’t read this post! I don’t want to scare you away. In this post, I am talking to the people that are consistent with working out and eating clean and they want a BIGGER CHALLENGE to take their results up to the next level.

Ok. now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk shall we? haha

The key to getting started with a healthy lifestyle is following healthy habits right? But what if I told you that there is more you can do to make your healthy habits even healthier!?

Read on to discover the 7 ‘healthy’ habits you can actually make much healthier!

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worst healthy eating habits

Drinking Green Smoothies

Wait! Green smoothies are one of the healthiest foods out there- right? Well, that’s only if there’s more green in there, and not just 3 leaves of spinach and a bowlful of fruits and other sugary protein powders.

See? I told you this was for the advanced folks.

Make sure that your smoothie isn’t just your way of drinking the calories instead of eating them. Add more spinach! Add more kale!

Fasting Without Electrolytes

Whether you fast occasionally or are deep into intermittent fasting, make sure you get your electrolytes.

A lot of people tend to skip this step and end up experiencing headaches, dizziness and even fainting spells. 

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A quick google search will turn up many recipes – however, I will be sharing mine very soon in a future post for those who are curious!

Severe Calorie Restriction

In an attempt to lose weight fast, a lot of us tend to severely restrict the amount of calories we take in, which in turn, causes us to eat less than your BMR, which can be downright dangerous.

There are some exceptions to this rule (such as people who have doctor’s orders to do so due to health concerns).

However, for most people, eating less that one’s Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) is not a great idea and should be avoided.  

Counting Calories Obsessively

Counting calories can be great. It can help you stay disciplined and adopt healthier eating habits, but if you seem to have reached the point where you’re weighing your spinach and counting raisins, it might be a sign that it’s time to take a break from counting calories 🙂

Eating anything that says ‘Organic’ on the package

In certain cases, organic IS a good choice. However, many companies these days make organic snacks that are FULL of organic sugars.

Be aware of this and always remember to read your ingredient labels.

It’s similar to how just because something says ‘sugar free’ or ‘low fat’ on the packaging doesn’t mean it is healthy for you. 

Eating Too Much of Healthy Foods

Okay, so you’ve ditched the processed and packaged foods and are sticking to healthy food.

But it’s still a good idea to make sure the quantity of healthy foods is correct.

I’ve made this mistake in the past where I ate TOO MUCH healthy food and the result was not pretty lol. Even with healthy foods, portion control is our friend!

Following a Latest Diet

The food and fitness industry welcomes a new diet every now and then, and a ton of people jump on board, and claim it to be super helpful for them when it comes to losing weight. While you might be tempted, don’t dive into it unless you’re absolutely sure it is the right thing for you in the long run. Don’t close your mindset around a particular diet- find what works for you and stick to that!

You’ve got this in the bag. I’m cheering you on and rooting for you!

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