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7 Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Post-partum

Belly fat is one of the hardest things to lose. It gets even harder post-partum and especially if you have diastasis recti.

Many women would love to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies’ weeks after they give back. Most would love to rock their 2-piece swimsuits at the beach in summer.

The first thing I want to say is that I feel you 100%. I’ve been there too and I get it.

The second thing I want to say is that giving birth is a HUGE life transition and your health and wellbeing is always the most important thing.

You have plenty of time to get back to your pre-baby body so please don’t feel too much pressure because of social media.

Okay – now let’s talk about the exercises 😀

Working out post-partum can be quite tricky in that in as much as you would want to have that perfect body, you do not want to hurt yourself in the process.

Here are some of  7 best exercises that will help you lose belly fat post-partum.

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  1. Step Jacks

This is a modification of the jumping jacks. Those who are fit enough can go ahead and do the jumping jacks.


If you are starting out, you are safer doing the step jacks. Try and move as quickly as you can manage.

  1. Leg Raises

With this exercise, you raise your leg one at a time.

Keep your core engaged and have a slight bend in your knee.

It is okay to hold on to something for your balance. Just ensure that your abs stay engaged.

  1. Arm Circles

This exercise is really focused on fat burning.

You  lift your arms and move your arms in circles but instead of just engaging your arms, you include your legs as well.

If you get tired, you can stop working the legs and just continue working on the arms.

  1. Leg Lifts

This exercise is to work on your abs.

With this exercise, keep your back on the floor and gently raise your leg up and down.

Do not do anything that will aggravate your abs especially if you have diastasis recti. Go easy on yourself.

leg lift to lose belly fat

This exercise targets your lower ab area one at a time. The slower it is, the more intense it is.

When you bring your leg down, you should not let it really touch the floor. Just tap gently and go right back up.

This exercise is so effective for the lower ab area.

  1. Kegels and Stomach vacuum.

These are classic exercises.

Kegels exercise is like when you are holding your pee from falling out.

With stomach vacuum, your back is on the floor and you are sucking your abs in as hard as you can.

Kegels are very important especially after having a baby as it really helps your pelvic floor. It helps keep everything tight and strong so you can resume regular abs exercises.

Stomach vacuum helps you with your waist and just synching your stomach in.

  1. Leg extensions for belly fat workout

These are just like leg lifts except you are extending your legs out in front of you one at a time.

Keep the tension in your abs the whole time and keep your lower back on the floor.

This exercise really keeps your abs engaged. The slower you do it, the more intense it is and the more belly fat you burn.

  1. Knee folds

Drop your knees out one at a time while your lower back is on the floor.

Keep your abs engaged and control your leg with your abs.

Go slowly as it is more intense when done slowly.

These belly fat exercises combined with healthy eating would give you amazing results. You should remember that consistency is key in any workout. Work out as often as you can and expect amazing results.

Word of caution: Get a go-ahead from your physician before you start going hard on these exercises.

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