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6 easy ways I motivate myself to workout and lose weight


Tired of struggling to lose weight?

Today, I’m sharing 6 simple strategies that help me increase my motivation to workout.

They are

1️⃣ Make it a (personal) challenge

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2️⃣ Box checking

3️⃣ Making it a “me” thing

4️⃣ Doing a Koboko workout – i know what to expect

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5️⃣ Remembering that if i stick with it, i’ll have a banging body to show for it 🤷‍♀️

6️⃣ Practicing acceptance

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Many things are very hard for me to accept – like budgeting 👀

…but exercising is one part of being an adult that i’ve been able to accept and that makes me feel good

Watch the video for all the details. 🥳

It will help you stay motivated to workout, be healthy, and lose weight!

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