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5 Abs Mistakes to Avoid For Faster Results

Discover the most common abs mistakes to avoid if you’re looking to see faster results with your ab workouts!

Training your abs can be tricky – even when you’re doing everything right.

So if you’re doing things wrong, you may not even realize it! Yikes!

So here’s helping you make sense of it all.

Read on to discover the 5 most common abs exercise mistakes you need to avoid to get faster results.

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abs mistakes to avoid

Arching the Back

This is one of the most common abs mistakes most people make, especially when doing sit-ups and bicycles.

You might have to arch your back when it comes to some other kinds of workouts, but not in the case of most ab workouts.

When you arch your back while doing ab exercises, you’re most likely stressing your back muscles, which can cause back pain. 

Completing Reps Too Fast

Another abs workout mistake you need to avoid to start seeing faster results is to take your time to complete each rep.

Don’t try to do the exercises too fast.

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If you can complete a rep in less than 2 seconds, that’s a dead giveaway that you need to slow down.

This applies to ab exercises that you really need to focus on contracting the muscles – eg, situps, crunches, and bicycles.

When you do your ab exercises too quickly, you’re most likely holding your breath, which isn’t good, especially if you’re aiming to have that well toned abs look.

Staying On Your Toes

This is one of those mistakes that people usually make during sit-ups and other similar abs exercises.

Some people struggle to keep their feet flat on the floor during these exercises, and end up staying on their toes.

This actually puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your calf and feet muscles.

Make sure you pay attention to the cues I provide as you do your exercises to help you remember to keep those feet flat on the floor.

Ignoring Lower Back Pain

Think of this as an extension to the first abs mistakes to avoid.

When you’re doing ab exercises, you are engaging your core muscles, and that shouldn’t cause back pain, especially not in the lower back.

And if you’re ignoring your back pain, thinking of it as something you should be feeling as a part of your exercise efforts, you’re actually wrong.

Ignoring pain, any kind of pain for that matter, isn’t going to make it go away, and if you don’t take steps to fix it, it might even get worse. 🙁

Exercising On the Wrong Surface

Okay, this one’s another biggie abs workout mistake to avoid if you’re looking to get faster results.

You might be exercising in your bed, and trust me on this, it is not a good surface for you to be doing your ab exercises on. Exercising on tiles and hardwood floors is another no-no. 

Make sure you’re doing your exercises on a good quality exercise mat.

The mats aren’t just designed to look good, but they also help support different parts of your body. 

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