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3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health with Exercise

Did you know that exercising for health is different from exercising for abs? 😃 Or other aesthetic goals?

Did you know that some very fit people are actually unhealthy?

Meanwhile, some “unfit” people are perfectly healthy and thriving

A total mind trip right? 😂

What is the Besy Way to Improve Your Health with Exercise?

Monday Motivation Tips - Koboko Fitness

1️⃣ Commit to an exercise routine for 10 days

Yes, just 10 days. Studies show that starting with a small goal works much better than trying to do the most from day 1! 🤷‍♀️

2️⃣ Write it on a sticky note

Write the 10 days you will exercise on a sticky note (I like the crisp white ones)

Put the note next to your laptop where you will see it. Cross of each day as you go

3️⃣ Notice the important stuff

Are you able to run up the stairs when you couldn’t do it before?

Are your jeans zipping without jumping or holding your breath?

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Are you able to hold a plank for 20 seconds when you couldn’t do 5 before?

Notice these things. Celebrate them – even.

These are valuable signs that you are making progress.

It is easy to focus on weight alone. But weight doesn’t pay bills…

And if it doesn’t pay bills, is it really important?


(or am, I?) 🤣🤣

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