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3 Home Workout Mistakes to Avoid

Home workouts are amazing!

They can help you reach your goals – booty goals, belly fat loss goals, overall fitness goals.

However, there are some cautionary tips that are good to know when engaging in any home workout regimen.

Read on for the 3 home workout mistakes to avoid on your way to a fitter, happier, stronger you!

1. Form

“Form” just means moving your body correctly during each exercise.

Good form is essential.

Getting this wrong. could have effects ranging from body pain to no results.

Getting this right means that you can do less work (because you will be moving efficiently).

This is why I give so many cues in my workouts. Such as

  1. Keep your feet hip width apart
  2. Suck your abs in
  3. Keep your back straight etc.

These cues in my workouts are there to teach you how to do all the exercises correctly so you can move with confidence with or without me. Win!

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2. Overwhelm

Yes, you are what you eat.

Yes, a consistent exercise routine is the goal.

Yes, sugar and stress should be minimized

But, no, you do not have to do everything all at once.

I’ve made this mistake.

Everyone it – seems – makes this mistake.

It seems to be our nature as human beings to want to “do it all”.

So, allow me to take the liberty to prod you in a different direction today.

Maybe there is no need to do everything all at once. Maybe it’s ok to go a little slower in the beginning and change only one thing at a time.

  • Maybe you start with sleeping more (and that’s all you’re changing).
  • Then you work on drinking more water.
  • Then you work on exercising 2 days a week.
  • Then you increase to 3 days a week.
  • Then you start to think of chugging those green smoothies.

No? No green smoothies?


We’ll get there eventually 🙂

3. Time

It’s amazing how time always seems to slip right on by.

One moment, you think you have all the time in the world. The next moment, you’re wondering “HOW THE BANANAS IS IT 7PM???”

…or maybe it’s just me

Either way. I want to share with you the most critical piece of information I can regarding time. And it is this.

We have to make time to exercise

It is a hard an inconvenient truth. And I truly hate saying it because i get it.

I truly, deeply understand the struggle to balance it all.

Especially if you are a mom or you have other serious responsibilities like finishing school or managing a home.

It can be daunting to find that 10 minutes here or 30 minutes there to do something that will challenge you physically.

But tis the reality folks.

Time to exercise will never just appear. We have to make the time. This means, certain things will not get done during that time – and that’s ok.

For me, the dishes regularly get abandoned so I can workout.

I normally get to it after my workout but some days, they have to sit there longer than I’d like. I’ve learned to be ok with this.

In summary

Make sure you have good knowledge of how to perform your exercises correctly.

My workouts have instructions built into the videos so you can be confident as you move every step of the way.

Please avoid trying to overhaul your whole life in one go.

It is tempting (and exhilarating) to do this but – long term, it does not work and it leads to feelings of overwhelm.

Understand that you truly dont have time to workout (it’s not in your head). However, it’s on us to make time to workout.

This will require sacrificing other things we need to do; such as dishes, laundry, or finally cleaning out that pantry.

It’s just part of life. And that is ok.

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