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3 extra useful things to know about weight loss 👀

The truth is, weight loss is hard. But it is possible – with the right approach.

The right approach is:

  • Consistent exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Delusional levels of optimism LOL (no lie)

HOWEVER, there are 3 extra things we often ignore.

image credit: bored panda
  • SLEEP – we all need more of this. Including myself. Sleep is essential for weight loss.
    Sleep gives us the willpower to choose healthy meals.

  • METABOLISM – exercise boosts our metabolism. Which – in turn – makes weight loss easier.
    But we often forget this when we have a “bad” workout. A bad workout is still great because it helped boost that metabolism. #winning

  • WATER – drinking water. Lots and lots of water helps weight loss.
    I can’t tell you how many times I have thought i was hungry. Only to chug 20oz (0.59L) of water and have the starvation disappear

I hope these reminders help you to maintain a delusional level of optimism all the way to your weight loss goal!