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Top 3 Workout Motivation Mistakes

3 mistakes that could destroy your motivation to exercise and be healthy!

How many times in life have you had that amazing idea, but you failed to implement it or dropped it midway? The reason why most of us fail- whether it is a fitness goal, a lifestyle change or anything else, is because we lack motivation. 

Believe it or not, you could actually be making certain mistakes that could destroy your motivation, and that’s what we’re about to uncover here. Read on to discover more about them, so that you make sure you don’t do them in the future. 

destroy your motivation

Mistake #1

You don’t understand exercise continuum. You may probably have never even heard of it, and it could be secretly sabotaging your attempts and efforts. If you’re one of those who have this exercise pattern where one day, you start working out, then skip exercise for a week altogether, and then randomly start working out again, and then skip for a few days, this tip can help. 

Simply put, exercise continuum is finding the will to exercise every single day, or the days of the week your trainer has planned out for you. Even if it is a little. Consistency is key, and if you aren’t consistent, it could be the easiest way to destroy your motivation.  

Mistake #2

You need too much variety. Okay, let’s get this straight. If you’re new to exercising, you’re probably going to need to keep it interesting, and you might want to experiment and try different workout routines and techniques to see which works best for you. That’s okay. 

But if you don’t try to stick to a regular routine, you aren’t going to be seeing the intended results. Instead, find yourself a trainer, talk to them about your fitness goals. Choose someone who is motivated and helps you discover the right exercise routine that will help you stay motivated too. 

Mistake #3

You’re pushing too hard. You’re probably doing workouts way out of your league. Workouts that need you to give 150%. Think about it. You did that ridiculously hard workout that one day, and by the time you were home, you were so exhausted you never worked out again. Even the lighter workouts

Ideally, if you’ve been a couch potato for most part in your life, and you’re suddenly doing jumping squats and lifting weights, your body is going to react. If you’ve been moderately active, you might want to avoid any explosive movements like box jumps or plyometric drills. Intensity isn’t as important as consistency and sequence is. Focus on getting your consistensy right and you’re pretty much sorted. 

These are some of the biggest mistakes that can destroy your motivation when it comes to working out. 

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